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Who's to Blame in The Crucible- Abigail

A fabulous persuasive presentation on the cause of the tragic deaths in the Crucible.

Sethe Zachman

on 19 October 2012

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Transcript of Who's to Blame in The Crucible- Abigail

Long ago in Salem, Massachusetts
a young girl
by the name of Abigail Williams
caused several tragic deaths in order
to protect herself from punishment. One reason why Abigail is the culprit is that she
forced her friends to keep quiet about what really
went on in the woods, instead lying and putting
others at stake in order to protect herself. "Now look you, all of you we danced and Tituba
conjured Ruth Putnam's dead sisters, and that is
all. Mark this let either of you breathe a word and I
will come to you in the black of some terrible night
and I will bring a pointy reckoning that will shudder
you." (Abigail, Pg.20) To add onto Abigails blame is
the fact that she had an affair with John Proctor, making her
a sketchy, vulnerable
adolescent yearning for
attention, as in
the crucible she claims that..
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