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Video Production

No description

Maria Jimenez

on 13 May 2015

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Transcript of Video Production

What is the cinematic producers role in the development of a major motion picture?

The cinematic producers role is in directing, producing, and editing a movie together.

Essential Question
I chose video production because of movies like

Why I chose video production....
Some problems I ran into
Writing the script
Finding the right actors to play the characters
Getting them to where the same clothes
Getting them all together
Piecing it together (Finding the right angle to use)
Need to know
1. create a concept
2. write a script
3. make story boards
4. get cast & crew
5. find location
6. film
7. review videos
8. edit together
Steps to Making a Movie
Video Production
How to make a Movie

By Maria Jimenez
I'm going to attend GRCC.

Then transfer to the Academy of Art Institute
to take classes
graphic designs
video editing
photo shop

Build up experience
(practice writing stories, make shorts films, take internships in production studios)

Make a portfolio
(of low budget or short films you made to show)

Find work with certified productionist
My Plans
Work well under pressure

You have to be
Movies got color and sound

Cameras got smaller

Animation/ Graphics improved

Jeffrey Patin
taught for 19 years, 10 at Godfrey-Lee Public Schools. Began teaching a media technology course 9 years ago.

Minored in computer science. Was a video coordinator for a local basketball program and was able to take those experiences and expand them in the classroom.

Keep in reminder: think about where you're going to get your equipment, and budget (that means finding ways to fund your movie)
How Video Production has changed

Is a leader, they're responsible for
everything that goes on set.

They supervise the actors and help them portray the character they are playing.
Has most of the control. They're responsible for the failure or

They approve the financial decisions
When filming starts the producer can only supervise and give suggestions.

The art, technique, and practice of assembling shots into a coherent sequence

Being able to put the movie together. Grabbing the scene's that make sense and using them to tell a story.

Fixing mistakes, adding voice over, special effects.

Liability for business debts
Extremely expensive
Time away from family
Hours can vary on set. You can be there for long period's of time
Earn more than employees.
Full creative control
Make things that are impossible come to life
Meet / Work with new people
they keep the set organized, stable, coordinate the events before filming even starts, manage the budget, fix mistakes and make the film come together.

It’s not as easy as holding a camera or playing with a computer.

Producers, directors, editors put a lot of hard work and effort to make the film a success for your enjoyment .
Producers, directors, and editors play a big role in the creation of a major motion picture:
Movie Teaser!!
Relationships to Columbia Hollywood College
My Movie Trailer
Being Patient Because
This is a highly demand job.
Sometimes a movie might fail or go over budget.
What My Mentor Helped Me Accomplish

The movie's budget was estimated to be $150 million, It came to be $250 million
But only brought $184 million in ticket sales worldwide.

Make Your Own Movie
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