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Parent - Teacher - Student Communication Using Edmodo

No description

Shawn LaPlante

on 3 August 2013

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Transcript of Parent - Teacher - Student Communication Using Edmodo

Parent - Teacher - Student Communication Using Edmodo
by Shawn LaPlante

Benefits to Teachers
Features of Edmodo
Edmodo’s mission is to connect all learners with the people and resources they need to reach their full potential

Final Thoughts
Why Use Edmodo
Benefits to Students
Students learn 21st century skills
Students can learn anytime or anywhere
All students have an opportunity to participate
Students can turn in work online
Students are engage
Students can communicate privately with a teacher when they wouldn't have the time otherwise to do so
Students can get the informaton needed if they are absent
Students recieve immediate feedback from formative assessments
Teachers have a safe place to collaborate with other teacher
Groups and subgroups allow for differentiation
Edmodo allows teachers to connect with other language arts, math, social studies, and science teachers across the country and world.
Edmodo keeps teachers connected 24/7
Getting Started
Teacher Homepage
Student Accounts
Parent Accounts
Post a Message
Progress Tab
Extra Features
Getting Help
Best Practices for Safe Social Learning
Do not post group codes publicly
Lock group codes after all members have joined
Monitor posts
Set up notifications
Use read-only status when useful
Encourage students to select unique passwords
Set expectations

Get Started
Create your account
Complete your profile
Create a group
Invite students and peers
Share resources, lead collaborative discussions, give assignments, quizzes, polls and more
Install Apps
Engage students, inspire creativity, assess learning
Follow and participate in communities
Connect with educators from around the world
Discover great resources
Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.
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