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the Story of China----Explorer(AIESEC RUC)

from AIESEC RUC,Mainland of China.

weike xu

on 1 April 2013

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Transcript of the Story of China----Explorer(AIESEC RUC)

Or you might find that Dracula
Took your wife on a date.
It's better to miss deadlines
Than to meet with a real China . Then time It's time to close your laptop and pay attention to the project "Story of China"from AIESEC RUC. You won't know reality unless you go by yourself This is also part of China. Culture is everywhere. from make to your and you can find the hidden culture
...are you still watching old movies?Time to make your own movie about exploring in China. ! Where is China?What's a real China like? Don't be surprised if someone watching the story observes
you're different than before. the Story of China Be an
Explorer AIESEC CHINA the OK large population? what you know is just fast economic growth? the Great Wall? That's not enough. This project aims to explore Chinese culture hidden in the normal life.
Come and be a culture explorer look! the discovery of culture
can be BIG or small Be an explorer we will help you to record your life exploring culture
in China and share your story to Chinese people. 街头文化 This is also part of China. This is also part of China. This is also part of China. This is also part of China. This is also part of China. find it and make it part of your story find it and make it part of your story find it and make it part of your story find it and make it part of your story find it and make it part of your story FIND ME! You will start your journey exploring culture on a specific cultural lines and do some taskes(learn to make handcraft.etc) with your team including your buddy. movie own My Story in China
I am the Explorer Share
it Internship duration: 6weeks
Starting date:
April 25th 2012 – June 5th , 2012
Our TN ID:
TN-In-CN-RU-2012-2303 China is an amazingly beautiful country with a wide variety in landscapes, terrain and culture. Hence an internship program launched where the soul of Chinese traditions lies, must be the best internship experience you can acquire in AIESEC RUC. Made by Tracy Xu
Team Leader of project the Story of China
Email : weike.xu@aiesec.net
Mobile: +86 188 1064 9308
Skype ID: tracy-aiesec-1
I’ll always be with you ! The Story Of China,
you are in the story!
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