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No description

Temple SHHO

on 4 February 2017

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Transcript of DAMMMMN, HOMIE!

Fall of: "Traditional R&B"
Rise of:
1. Trap Music
2. Experimentation in Hip-Hop
i.e. Artists Mixing R&B and Trap Music
3. Hip-Hop Music Appealing to the Masses
High Radio Plays
Taking Over Billboard Charts
High Sales
Maada Sammah

Vice President
Chris Jackson

Nyair Clarke

Kierra Turnbull

Marketing & Promotions Chair
Dymond Mumford

Events Chair
Kendall Jones

Communications Chair
Eden Cohen

Creative Chair
Diona Boler

Campus Liaison
Musu Taylor

Wednesday, Janaury 18, 2017
iLovemakonnen comes out as homosexual to his Fans

Sunday, Janaury 22, 2017
Soulja Boy drops Mayweather as trainer, plans to fight Chris Brown by himself
Soulja Boy gets arrested for possession of stolen police gun (Draco of course)
Sprint just gave Jay-Z 200 million for 1/3 of Tidal it is now estimated to be worth 600 million
Safaree wants to work with Nicki musically "for the Culture again"

Executive Board
The Current State of Hip-Hop
Official SHHO Gear
Five Raffle Tickets
Reduced Party Admission
Access to Exclusive Member-Only Events
Hip-Hop Current Events
Comparison of...
Present Sales vs. Past Sales
2015 Chart Standings vs. Past Chart Standings
Current Radio Plays
Current Fanbase/Following
Media Response
lil Uzi
Dom Kennedy
King Los
Mac Miller
Fetty Wap
Meek Mill
Big Sean
travis scott
Do you agree that these artists have "been on the rise" this year? Who else was successful this year?

What was the criteria used to deem an artist "successful" this year?

social media following? radio play?
Do you agree that these artists remained stagnant? Who else has remained stagnant?
What are some contraints that prevent artists from "progressing" ?

Does remaining stagnant hurt the artist's overall career?
How can a hip-hop artist break free from this “Wale Effect”?

Do you agree that these artists have still not broken into the industry in 2015? What other underground artists are still having trouble breaking into the industry?

Why do some underground artists have such trouble becoming more popular/successful? What can they do to successfully move forward?

Is it cool if they remain underground? Is becoming mainstream even important?

Do you agree that these artists took a step backwards this year? Why? Why not?

Why have some popular artists not been able to resonate with fans this year?

We encourage artists to be creatively free, but when they do it seems that they lose our interests...why?
Can these artists successfully move forward in 2016? If so, how?

Let's create new lists!
Who do you think will be in each category at the end of 2016?
Make sure to base it off of substantial evidence, and not just personal opinion!

Text TEMPLESHHO589 to 22333
Edwin Ortiz of Complex gave the album a mixed review, he continues to say that Joey Badass' potential is only
on the album,
"which speaks to his lack of adjustment in transitioning into a full-fledged artist who truly represents something other than '90s nostalgia rap.”
Spin Magazine:
“More of the same, really, and what same is that anyway? His beats, hooks and musicality tread slightly above water.”
Rolling Stone:
“His third and best record isn't that moment yet, but he's one step closer.”
The Atlantic (On Dark Sky Paradise)
- "Big Sean’s Best is just Good”

Some Artists have been sucessful in embracing/ contributing to this shift
Some Artists have suffered from this shift:
sales, fans, radio play have declined
Some artists have remained stagnant (constant) as a result of this shift
Wale described himself as "mind fucked" as he is in a contant struggle between people asking for the "old Wale" and pop culture demanding a "new Wale".
Many accuse Wale of abandoning his artistic integrity in pursuit of fame...prior to the release of his 2015 album he promised to return to the essence of what initially earned him critical acclaimed
A$AP Rocky
Meek Mill
The Big Debate: Kendrick Lamar
According to
, Migos’ debut album Yung Rich Nation sold only 15Kunits in its opening week, landing them #3 on the hip-hop album charts
Rolling Stone: "
This album might not propel them to a higher level of fame than they've already reached; while it's solid front to back, there's nothing remotely as unstoppable as 2013's "Versace" or 2014's "Fight Night."

"The rhyme skills and lurid way with imagery that first brought the group to national attention remain on display throughout the album, but YRN's warring agendas suggest a few more tries are in order for the Migos to get their formula sorted."
Joey Bada$$
Kendrick Lamar on Ferguson
: "What happened to [Michael Brown] should've never happened. Never. But when we don't have respect for ourselves, how do we expect them to respect us? It starts from within. Don't start with just a rally, don't start from looting -- it starts from within."
“In its entirety, To Pimp a Butterfly isn't a conventionally enjoyable record...I’m not saying that no one loves To Pimp a Butterfly. I’m saying that no one enjoys this album as much as we'd hoped we'd enjoy it.​”

Ever sice Offsets release from prison last march, the migos have been nothing but hot.
Bad and Boujee earned the group their first Hot 100 No. 1 song.
Recently signed to GOOD Music
Donald Glover thanked the migos during the Golden Globe Awards for making "The best song ever" (Bad and Boujee) as well as being "The beatles of this generation".

Gucci came out of prison in September with a bang
During his prison time, he wrote hundreds of verses for when he finally got out
Srelease, he has worked on and released a bunch of projects.
He has recently joined with artists such as Young thug, Travis Scott, Future and Drake
Recent engagement might spark some fire
Aboogie wit da Hoodie
Nicki Minaj
Kodak Black
Soulja boy
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