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Making Inferences and Conflict: "The Most Dangerous Game"

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Kyndall Blake

on 28 August 2018

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Transcript of Making Inferences and Conflict: "The Most Dangerous Game"

"The Most Dangerous Game"
by Richard Connell

Richard Connell
pg. 216
pg. 222
pg. 218
Internal Conflict
becomes External
Always wanted to be a writer
Studied at Harvard
Successful editor and screenwriter
Nominated for Academy Awards twice
What does it mean to be the hunter? The hunted?
What are the implications for both?

How does Rainsford's attitude about hunting differ from Whitney's?

Could this be foreshadowing? Why?
*Bold Statements
Making Inferences

logical assumptions about information or ideas that are not directly stated
Based on details from the text.
Is making an inference the same as making a prediction?
With what external conflict is Rainsford suddenly confronted?
(Man vs. ____________)

Did he choose this conflict?
pg. 219
Did you expect the island to be deserted?
What major question is going unanswered in Rainsford's conversation with Zaroff?

How is Zaroff making Rainsford feel?
How is this feeling both internal and external conflict.

What does Rainsford eventually discover about Zaroff?
Which piece of information reveals this?
Making Inferences
pg. 227, Decorations

What have we learned about the way Zaroff feels toward his prey?

What kind of heads do you think Zaroff wants to show Rainsford in the dining hall? Explain.
Rainsford repeats,
"I must keep my nerve."
Does this imply internal or external?

Who seems to be winning throughout the hunt?
Making Inferences
pg. 235
When Rainsford leaps into the sea, what kind of inference does the author cause you to make?

What important detail does Rainsford see before he jumps? What inference can you make?
Identify the types of
and explain their importance in the short stories.
and predictions using prior knowledge and asking questions.
Essential Question
How does someone's perspective influence their understanding of truth?

a character grapples with his own opposing feelings, beliefs, needs, or desires
A struggle between opposing forces

a character struggles against an outside force
(Man vs. Man, Man vs. Power Greater than Self, Man vs. Nature)
How is the story's conflict resolved?
Who does Rainsford meet?

sudden flash of insight
The conflict remains, but the character's feelings about it change.

What is the name of the mysterious island?
We are now reminded of the screams that Rainsford heard.
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