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A. Design a project wherein you employ clinical skills, advo

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Bridgette Bell

on 8 December 2017

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Transcript of A. Design a project wherein you employ clinical skills, advo

Outcome: A Modified Approach
Navigating West Point & the Army as a Black Woman
Problem Definition
Potential Solution: P.E.R.M. Party
Historically conducted each year, with waning interest recently

Attended by Freshmen and Upperclass Cadets

Mentors/Alumni added in 2015

Originally intent was socialization and recreation

Solution Space
USMA Academic Changes

Current political climate

Do More Together Alumni Group

Internal Education vs. External Awareness Training

Recruiting - Retention Model
Obstacles Encountered
Use Engineering Psychology
to employ clinical skills,
advocacy skills,
systemic intervention skills,
collaborative skills in order to change an aspect of a system toward greater equity.
Transformative Skills Project
Cross Cultural Psychology
Bridgette R. Bell, M.S.
Cross-Cultural Skills & Considerations

Gender & Generational Differences

Emotional Intelligence

Assertiveness Skills


James Marcia’s Four Identity States

Diffusion - The state of having no clear idea of one's identity and making no attempt to find that identity. These adolescents may have struggled to find their identity, but they never resolved it, and they seem to have stopped trying. There is no commitment and no searching.

Identity Foreclosure- The state of blindly accepting the identity and values that were given in childhood by families and significant others.

The adolescent's identity is foreclosed until they determine for themselves their true identity. The adolescent in this state is committed to an identity but not as a result of their own searching or crisis.

Identity Moratorium – The state of having acquired vague or ill-formed ideological and occupational commitments. The adolescent is still undergoing the identity search (crisis). They are beginning to commit to an identity but are still developing it.

Identity Achievement - The state of having developed well-defined personal values and self-concepts. The adolescent’s identity may be expanded and further defined in adulthood, but the basics are there. They are committed to an ideology and have a strong sense of ego identity.
Two Phases:
Identity Description
- Fall P.E.R.M. Party
- "Multicultural Self"
- Marcia's Stages (PL100)
Identity Development
- Spring P.E.R.M. Party
- Cross' Model (PL300)
- Mentorship Circles
Of ~2200 Black West Point grads, 286 are women...one is the highest ranking in the Army.

Identity transformation is a major part of military life.

USMA does not have a training program for awareness on issues/uniqueness of the African-American Woman.
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