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Zae'leena Rivera

No description

Zae'leena Rivera

on 11 October 2012

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Transcript of Zae'leena Rivera

My life in American Culture: Family:
I would have to say that i live in an extended family environment because my family is very big.My family is very big because my grandmother has a lot of siblings.At that my family lives all over the world.The responsibilities i hold within my house hold is just cleaning up my room and getting good grades. Customs and Traditions:

One tradition i take part in my family is that every Thanksgiving we all gather up at a family member's house.We each go around holding hands in a groups stating what we are thankful for. Dress

The way i dress everybody should already know,because i dress very fashionable i keep up with all the sales,and new trends.This is related in the Us because America is very known for dressing to impress people basically and standing out. Food:

I generally eat soul food because it has flavor to it. This relates to the US because America has a very high percentage,of people's weight. And that's because of greasy foods that they eat,and constantly stop at fast food restuarants.There are foods that i would like to try,i would want to try eating the real pizza from Italy though because that was where it was originally made from; not Philly. Language:

The languages i speak is Spanish and English.The type of language i would actually like to learn would have to be,Arabic because its different its not that common,and its hard to learn it. Arts and Literature:

The type of music i like listening to is R&B because they have the best beats to dance too.The music i would have to say that represents our city is R&B because that's where majority of rappers and singers came from. Religion:

I don't practice a religion but i would want to do the muslims practice maybe later on in life, because its very challenging and an interesting religion. Zae'leena Rivera
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