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Josh Dronen

on 12 April 2018

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Transcript of Theme

What Is The Author's Message?
Common Sources of Literary Themes
How Can You Find Themes?
Where are Themes?
How Can You Find Literary Themes
Finding Themes
Individuals Internal Struggles
Love in all Forms
Human Conflicts
What's the difference?
What is Theme?
Themes can be found everywhere

For example:
You must figure out the theme yourself

You extract it from the characters, plot, action, and setting that make up the story

All these elements should connect to one central idea
What is the last thing you read?
Think about the characters, plot, setting, historical significance, author's purpose
The hardest decisions can also be the best decisions
The theme of a piece of literature is its view about life and how people behave.
A significant statement the story is making about society, human nature, or the human condition
Man Vs. Society
Man vs. Nature
Man vs. Institution
Man vs. Death
The individual's obligation and relationship to society
The individuals relationship and obligation to the natural world
The individuals obligation and relationship to institutions (govt., religion
The quest for immortality and questions about the afterlife
Personal Identity
Hero vs. Villain
Inner Turmoil
The individual's inward journey to understand their inner self
The individual defining themselves as a hero or villain.
The individual's experience with alienation or despair
Marriage Romance
Compassion Altruistic love
Love of Country Admiration
Possessiveness Intense dependency
Logical-sensible love Self-centered love
Game-Playing Unrequited love
Godly love Familial love
Infatuation Erotic love
The Future
Inability to see what tomorrow's world holds for us
How and who gets to decide on justice and injustices
Possible Theme:
Just because everybody else is doing it does not make it right
Possible Theme:
Governments that are too powerful often take power from the people who need it the most
Possible Theme:
A hero does the right thing even when the right thing is the harder thing to do
Possible Theme
Love is the best and worst feeling a person can experience
Possible Theme:
If your cause is the right cause than make a stand for your cause
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