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outlines katniss's hero's journey in the movie The Hunger Games

Hannah Fronk

on 8 January 2013

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A Hero's Journey The Hunger Games the CALL the RETURN : invites hero into adventure and offers an opportunity to face the unknown and gain value

= Reaping day - Katniss volunteers in her sister's place to be one of the twenty-four tributes in the 74th Hunger Games- her ultimate goal: win the Games and return home : challenges/temptations that hero must overcome which gradually get harder- passing tests= transformation- challenges hit at hero's personal weaknesses the CHALLENGES : a moment of death and rebirth for the hero when he/she overcomes abyss- old part dies= new part born the TRANSFORMATION : a sudden change in the way the hero views life- makes him/her a different, transformed person the REVELATION = Katniss and Peeta return home to Distict 12, and now
must continue their lives as victors- citizens are ecstatic for
them to return- Will life go on as before or will it change
dramatically? the THRESHOLD :"jumping off point" for adventure- interface between known and unknown world

= entering the Arena- Katniss travels from the known world of the capitol to the unknown arena for the Hunger Games where she will face and overcome challenges Mentor: Haymitch Abernathy Threshold guardian: Cinna Threshold Helpers: Effie Trinket
Ceasar Flickerman
Prep Team -helps Katniss prior to and during the Hunger Games
-helps her focus on goal of becoming victor -emotionally prepares Katniss for the Hunger Games- her confidant -provides assistance for Katniss
-her support team getting away from the Cornucopia
escaping tracker jackers
destroying the Careers food supply
Rue's death
finding Peeta
obtaining Peeta's medicine
escaping mutts
killing Cato the ABYSS : "belly of the whale"- the hardest, most taxing challenge where the hero must surrender themself to the task = when the announcement is made that only one tribute may become victor- question asked: "Which one will go home, and which one will die?" = Katniss's ingenuity saves Peeta and herself when they fool the Gamemakers and pretend to eat the deadly nightlock berries- the Gamemakers interrupt them and declare them BOTH victors of the Hunger Games = Katniss is warned that the Capitol is angry about her outsmarting them- she realizes what a threat she's become to the Capitol and the power she's gained by that act (pretending to eat the berries) of rebellion- how can she change the life of her townspeople with her new power as victor? the ATONEMENT : hero is fully reborn and "at-one" with new life - in harmony with life and world = during the victors' interview, Katniss and Peeta must convince the Capitol that they are completely in love with one another, and that because of this, they HAD to win together- eased some capitol tension : hero returns to everyday life and begins to contribute to society- may be rejected or lose understanding Challenges= -Suzanne Collins Carolyn Arnold and Hannah Fronk
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