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Which brand of popcorn leaves the most unpopped kernels?

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Dave Burtchin

on 8 May 2014

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Transcript of Which brand of popcorn leaves the most unpopped kernels?

Which brand of popcorn leaves the most unpopped kernels?
Pop Secret
had the least average of unpopped kernels with 27 kernels between both bags.

Jolly Time
was second with 44 kernels.

Cousin Willies
was third with an average of 59.5 kernels between 2 bags.

Orville Redenbachers
was fourth with an average of 91.5 kernels.

Separating the popped popcorn and the kernels.
Cousin Willies Popcorn
Interesting Facts about popcorn kernels
Popcorn kernels can pop up to 3 feet in the air

Each kernel of popcorn has a tiny amount of water inside

Kernels you find at the bottom of the bowl that do not pop are called old maids. They are too dry to have any pop left in him.
Hypothesis and source
I think Cousin Willies will have the
least amount of unpopped kernels.

Source: www.orville.com
Pop Secret


1. Place bag of popcorn in the microwave and close the door.
2. Hit the popcorn button and press start.
3. Get the popcorn out of the microwave.
4. Then separate the popcorn and the
kernels between the big and small bowls.
5. Then we counted the kernels.
6. Next, write it on a piece of paper and collect the data.
7. Then I kept repeating until all bags have been popped.
2 small bowls and 2 big bowls
4 different brands of popcorn:
2 bags each of Jolly Time, Cousin Willies, PopSecret and Orville Redenbacher's all movie theater butter flavor

Orville Redenbacher:
95 kernels in the first bag for the second bag is 88 kernels.
Pop Secret :
30 kernels in the first bag the second is 24.
Cousin Willies :
51 kernels in the first bag the second bag had 68 kernels.
Jolly Time :
the first bag has 41 kernels the second bag had 47 kernels.

In conclusion, Pop
Secret had the least
and Orville Redenbachers had the most unpopped
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