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30 Rock Analysis

No description

Harper C

on 17 July 2014

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Transcript of 30 Rock Analysis

30 Rock Analysis
Positions of Power
Liz doesn't want to layoff people
Jack is making Liz layoff 10% of her staff
Gender Roles
Sibling Relationships
Jack and Eddy argue about everything, even who was the worst brother
Death brings families together
Hyperbolic actions - Jack's family is so over the top it's hard to imagine that actually happening

Slapstick humor - violence makes things funnier
once she starts laying off people she can't stop
she uses her power to fire someone who is doing a good job, she just can't stop
celebrities use religion to justify their actions
celebrities engage in obscure fads, Jenna and Madonna, especially religious
Irish Catholic
"But what's great is you can do anything -
And as long as you go to confession, it's forgiven."
women are expected to take unwanted comments, specifically with a sexual connotation.
Jealousy - Liz is trying to sabotage the relationship of someone who works on her show because she wants her boyfriend (who's name she doesn't know)
You can't undermine the boss
situational irony
verbal irony
Eddy cares more about cash than his relationship with his family
The writers of 30 Rock employ irony, hyperbolic actions, and sarcasm to satirize sibling relationships, religion, gender roles, and power.
Money over family
"We're Irish, we're a forgiving people."
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