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Social Media

Health Informatics

Morgan Trokey

on 8 October 2012

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Transcript of Social Media

Social Media Morgan Trokey, Jesse Kribbs, Andy Meyers, and Delfino Davila Various forms
of online and mobile electronic
communication with user generated
content What is social media? Internet is changing the way we see social media Health information and support, healthcare communication, public health improvement, patient care, and marketing. Everything paper Past Present Future BenefITS AND RISKS Benefit: Ubiquitous and Easy to Access
Risk: Barriers such as liability and patient privacy issues
Benefit: Growing Part of Health Care
Benefit and Risk: Internet in general
Benefit: Allows for Physician-Patient Communication-through social media use. Risk: Confidentiality
Benefit: Direct messaging, Email
Benefit: Allows for Patient-Patient Media Communication
Benefit and Risk: Facebook
Benefit: Helps With Marketing
Management of the risks of social media Rarely used for medical uses
Lack of use due to barriers
Technology Growing
Patient Education and Medical Advice
WebMD Patient to Patient Communication
Websites Patientslikeme.com
Others Physician to Patient Communication
To track and investigate infectious diesease
Patient Care Problems
Quality of Information
Confidentiality Increase in growth, relevance, and use in the nursing field
Increased use with patients to help with education
Will be used more by Health care professionals because fast, easy, and anywhere
Advances in technology will only increase the use of social media use.
Surgery’s, procedures, and consults could be done electronically from anywhere in the world The future of social media in nursing As the number of people using social media increases, the need for health care providers to incorporate or use social media as a tool increases as well.
Incorporating health care into social media is critical to moving forward in the health care field.
Could lead to improved record keeping, patient data being shared, faster improved health care, and more innovations or technology that could improve the health care field (Google fiber) End Of Presentation
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