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The Sun

No description

Courtney Bergstrom

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of The Sun

The Sun Core Photosphere Chromosphere Corona Radiative Zone Convection Zone Prominence Made of dense, hot gas (hydrogen)
15 million degrees Celsius
FUSION-particles combine and release energy
Energy moves by radiation
No fusion occurs Energy moves by convectionand carried outward Visible light moves by radiation out into space (8.3 minutes)
Visible layer of the Sun Middle layer of the Sun's atmosphere
Gives off a pinkish light Outer most layer (extends outward several million kilometers)
Very low density
Very HOT Loop of glowing gas
Occur due to the Sun's magnetic field Other features on the Sun Sun spots Dark areas on the photosphere
11 year cycle
Cooler than surrounding areas Solar flares Eruptions of gas
Occur near sunspots
due to the magnetic field of the corona
extremely hot Solar wind Stream of charged particles leaving the corona
Create Auroras (Northern and Southern Lights)
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