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Mockingbird Presentation

Main Presentation (Part 2)

Kandace Fung

on 2 October 2015

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Transcript of Mockingbird Presentation

By Kandace Fung, Sarah Blakey,
and Soobin Han
Part 2
Main Presentation
Essential Questions
doing nothing wrong
harmed in some way
What qualifies someone or a group
of people as a "mockingbird(s)"?
Why does society create mockingbirds?
to feel powerful
fear of getting hurt
need a scapegoat
How does this kind of injustice start?
when another group feels threatened by fear or hate of another group
hurts the innocent group so they wont get hurt
innocent group did nothing wrong - harmed for no reason
What are the repercussions for society for creating oppressive systems?
how the world treats that person or group
person that gives them that title - cause others to negatively look at "mockingbirds"
increased hatred
How is the Topic Selected Related to the Book,
To Kill a Mockingbird?
how prejudice and society created them - relates to how they created mockingbirds in the book
there are different examples of mockingbirds
Hunger Games:
example - Katniss Everdeen
has done nothing wrong
in order to save her sister - has to be forced in a room to kill or get killed
example - Children in Africa
did nothing wrong
kidnapped by Kony and his men - forced to kill and fight grown men
example - Jews
didn't do anything wrong
taken to concentration camps - abused, killed, forced into labor
Internment Camps:
example - Japanese-Americans
most did nothing wrong
after WW II - feared,hated, untrusted, considered dangerous, called "enemy aliens"
taken to camps with poor conditions
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