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ivan the great(power point by evgeny prezi by charlie


charlie thomas

on 30 June 2009

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Transcript of ivan the great(power point by evgeny prezi by charlie

ivan the great
hes grrrrr
His name was Ivan Vasilevich or just Ivan III. He was born on the 22 of January 1440. who is he He died at the age of 65, so the 27 of October 1505. He reigned for 43 years. He was one of the greatest dukes of Russia, and was the first to call himself « tsar ». Why was it important? I, as the people say was one of the greatest dukes of Russia and was the first ruler to call himself tsar. That is way most people know me as Ivan the Great not Ivan the III. And I managed to give Russia independence for Russia by defeating the Golden Horde in the end of the 15th century.
He was also know as the gatherer of russian lands
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