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The Perks of Being a Wallflower; characters

No description

Annika Gordon

on 17 April 2015

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Transcript of The Perks of Being a Wallflower; characters

Charlie is the main character of this book.
He is a freshman in high school.


The book is composed of Charlie's letters to his anonymous pen pal.
In the beginning of the story, we find out his only friends (his aunt Helen and his best friend Michael) have both died.
Later on, Charlie goes to one of his high school football games and meets some new friends, Sam and Patrick.
The Perks of Being a Wallflower; characters
"Sam has brown hair and very very pretty green eyes. The kind of green that doesn't make a big deal about itself" (page 11).
Charlie is in love with Sam from the moment he meets her, even though she is a senior and he is a freshman.
Sam's stepbrother is Patrick.
Sam has a very genuine concern for Charlie. When Charlie starts to freak out because of strange and terrifying memories, she handles it very calmly. Although Sam has to leave for college shortly after Charlie's breakdowns begin, she comes back to visit and takes him through the tunnel he loves.

Patrick is one of Charlie's best friends.
His stepsister is Sam.
Charlie's letters describe Patrick as a very happy person.
Patrick is secretively gay. His secret partner is Brad.
When Brad's dad walks in on Patrick and Brad together, Patrick gets beaten up by Brad and his friends. His mental state crashes. He gets fed up with his life and starts having mental breakdowns.
During his mental breakdowns, Charlie and Sam are his only supporters.
Charlie's mom is very conservative and insecure, she was beaten by her father in her childhood.
She treats her children with a lot of respect and support.
She fears that her kids will stop liking her.
Charlie's dad is portrayed in the beginning of the book as cold, uncaring, and maybe even abusive. In Charlie's first letter, he tells us that his dad slapped him after Charlie made Aunt Helen cry. Later in the book (two months later), he says that his dad "felt terrible for doing it. And he was so sorry. And he would never hit me again. And he hasn't."
Brad is the quarterback who is Patrick's secret boyfriend.
Brad is ashamed of being gay and is trying to hide it from everyone, even himself.
Brad and Patrick get in a fight in front of the whole cafeteria, which Charlie breaks up.

Craig is Sam's boyfriend for a good portion of the book, but they break up at the end because he cheats on her.
He's in college, an artist, a male model (for JC Penney), and he buys alcoholic beverages for his underage friends.
Mary Elizabeth

Charlies mom
Charlies dad
Charlies sister
Charlies brother

Supporting characters
Charlie's mom
Charlie's dad
Bill is Charlie's English teacher.
Early on, Bill recognizes Charlie's intelligence and writing talent, by the end of the book, he ends up considering Charlie not just a great student, but a friend.
Bill gives encouragement to Charlie, when he doesn't really get it from anyone else.
"You're one of the most gifted people I've ever known. And I don't mean in terms of my other students. I mean in terms of anyone I've ever met" (page 151)
Mary Elizabeth
Mary is a teenage American Buddhist with a tattoo and belly button ring.
She always has a lot to say.
She is the polar opposite of Charlie.
Even though they are complete opposites, Mary Elizabeth likes Charlie and she asks him to the high school dance.
Their relationship is very one sided, Mary does all of the talking. Once Charlie gets totally fed up with her, he humiliates Mary Elizabeth by kissing Sam in front of all their friends.
There relationship ends very quickly.
There is not very much information about Bob, a pot-dealing friend, except that he throws a lot of parties and smokes a lot of marijuana— in his parents' basement.
Charlie's brother
Charlie's brother is playing football for Penn State on scholarship.
For a while, he has a girlfriend named Kelly, who is a cheerleader. Charlie is obsessed with Kelly.
Unlike Charlie and his sister, his brother didn't do very well in high school. He was "something like 223rd in his class," according to Charlie.
He is very supportive of the family.
Charlie's sister
Charlie's sister is a very smart girl who is at the top of her class.
She is a senior in high school so knows a lot about Sam, she tells Charlie that Sam has low self-esteem and bad reputation.
Charlie's sister and her boyfriend have a nasty relationship; he hits her. She continues dating him until she gets pregnant.
After she tells her boyfriend about her pregnancy, he denies that it's his and she decides to have an abortion.
She doesn't admit to loving Charlie, but he is the only person she tells about the pregnancy.

Susan was Charlie's best friend, Michael's girlfriend (until he committed suicide).
Now she is in the 'cool' group at school and refuses to talk to Charlie.
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