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Explain how natural actions such as weathering erosion (wind

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ReAnna Patton

on 12 May 2014

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Transcript of Explain how natural actions such as weathering erosion (wind

By: Ricardo Delarosa and
Reanna Patton

Effects on Earth's Surface
Erosion is the geological process in which Earth's surface is worn down by natural forces.

Natural forces that caused erosion are ice, wind, gravity and running water.

deposition is the process by which sediments are relocated in new locations.

Erosion constantly reshape all the landforms in the world from shorelines into land.
Weathering is the wearing away / appearence change or texture of Earth's surface by air exposure
Soil formation
Affects Earth by the Eroded rocks and minerals changing shape; Caused by change in temperature, rain, ice, plants, animals, acid, and water movements. 3 types. Mechanical, biological, and chemical. Animals play a part in biological and mechanical.
3 Types of Weathering
Mechanical- Causes rocks to crumble
Chemical- Changes chemical makeup of rocks and soil
Biological- Eats away rocks caused by plants and animals
Water makes up the hydrosphere, all water on Earth's surface. Moving water affects the surface of Earth because it's called Run-off. The run-off shapes the land, while weathering it taking away it's natural minerals and particles. Valleys, waterfalls, floodplains, meandering and oxbow lakes and rivers are formed due to the run-off.
ReAnna: Concluding the effects of natural actions on Earth's surface, I learned that even the simple elements on Earth's surface have effect on our planet. Elements such as water, wind, soil, and many more have affect on our planet and made it what it is today.
Gravity affects the surface of Earth by helping the erosion and precipitation by using downward pressure on the surface. The pressure weakens the soil, then 'splashes' the particles scattering them from one point to another on the surface.
Wind is the major erosion effect in hot, dry climate
It carries dust, sand, organic matter, clay and loam from one place to another.

also polishes rocks and cliffs until they are smooth.
During the process of soil formation, nutrients are continually removed from and added to the soil with time.

Conditions that are present during soil formation determine how much and what kind of nutrients the soil can naturally use and hold.

Ricardo: I think it's amazing how we can’t see earth surface change in a day but throughout time. Overall I think we did great and it was a very interesting topic to learn about the effects that changes the earths surface.

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