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Year 8 SOSE: Mapping

Eleanor Russell

on 28 January 2016

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Transcript of BOLTSS

BOLTSS BOLTSS is an acronym. It helps us to remember the 6 essential features of a map. It stands for: Border, Orientation, Legend, Title, Scale and Source Border Orientation Legend Title Scale Source The border is used to show the edges of a map.
The border looks like a simple box around the map.
The lines of a border need to be ruled and stand out clearly. The orientation shows us direction.
This is shown by a compass rose or North arrow. A legend (or key) is a list of symbols used on a map, that tells us what each symbol means. The title tells us what the map shows.
Examples of titles could be "Australia" or "South East Asia." We can't draw parts of their earth to their actual size; it wouldn't fit on the page! Instead, we use a scale to enable us to decrease the size accurately.
Scale is usually shown like this:

However, it can also be written as a ratio (eg: 1:1000) or as a statement (eg. one centimetre represents one kilometre). A good map will show where the information that was used to make the map came from. Think of it as a bibliography for a map.
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