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Miss Peregrines Home For Peculiar Children.

No description

Katelyn Raposo

on 16 May 2013

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Transcript of Miss Peregrines Home For Peculiar Children.

'Sleep is not, Death is not;
Who seem to die live.
House you were born in,
Friends of your spring-time,
Old man and young maid,
Day's toil and its guerdon,
They are all vanishing,
Feeling to fables,
Cannot be moored.' Miss Peregrine's Home
For Peculiar Children Made by: Katelyn Raposo Chapter Nine Chapter Ten Chapter Eleven Chapter Eight Chapter Six Chapter Seven Chapter Five Chapter Three Chapter One-Two Not much really does happen along the way of Jacobs
journey in the first few chapters, except for the fact that his grandfather dies a strange death in the middle of the woods and that he finds a mysterious book entitled 'The Selected Works of Ralph Waldo Emerson.' with a handwritten note to Jacob from his grandfather and 'the worlds he has yet to discover.' Inside, Jacob finds a letter that was written to his grandfather by Ms. Alma LeFay Peregrine. With the permission from his therapist (Dr. Golan), Jacob and his father go to the island, Jacob looking for Miss Peregrine and his father on a bird-watching trip for his book. Jacob and his father get to the island. One day, Jacob told his father that he was going to explore. While he went out to talk to the townspeople on the whereabouts of the house, some said that its a creepy old house where monsters live and whoever goes into the forest, never returns again. Jacob isn't phased by this! He asked someone to help him find his way and they go into the forest. About halfway, his 'tour-guide' had left the forest going back, while Jacob went on. Once he found the house, he saw it was broken and totaled. He decided that the next day he would go and explore. The next day, Jacob had went back to the house where they had a little circus show for the all of the children. This is where Jacob basically meets Bronwyn, the strong girl and he also meets Fiona who could grow things in mere seconds! After that, a few of them and Jacob had laid down on a little beach. Emma and Jacob had gone off to go pick apples where Emma had given Jacob a little kiss and an apple. Jacob then said that he had to go back to which Emma had escorted him. When Jacob had gotten back, his father had told him that someone or something had killed a whole herd of sheep, pulling him along to go to the scene of the crime. Jacob was briefly accused of killing them, but was protected by his father and he also denied it. When Jacob had gotten back to the little motel, he had gone to sleep, putting the apple Emma had given him on his bedside table. The next day the apple on the bedside table had rotted completely! When Jacob had gone to the house, Miss Peregrine had insisted on having a word with him about how it wasn't wise to talk to all of the children from the past about technologies from the future and how it can be extremely dangerous, and also how if the children from this side of the loop were to go over with Jacob for too long, time will catch up with them, and they'll age until they shrivel up into a prune which also explained what had happened to the apple. Jacob had doze off and woke up to meeting a boy whose name was Enoch who he soon learned rose people up from the dead/made lives using organs. Enoch had told Jacob to go and meet his friend whose name was Victor, when Jacob went up the stairs, he came to a room where a boy way laying in bed who was dead. Enoch and Bronwyn had come into the room to which Bronwyn had begged Enoch to wake him up and bring him back for a little while. After Jacob had left the room where Victor was, he found himself in another room whom he soon figured out was Emma's in which he found a package. In the package were a collection of pictures with notes written on them exchanged between his grandfather Abe and herself. When Jacob had gone back, his father told him about a new bird-watcher who had recently came and was camping around near the water and rocks. Near the end of the chapter when Jacob went back to the house and met up with Emma, they had found out he was peculiar also and could see these monsters called wights and hollowgasts that would kill and feed on other peculiars. In this chapter, Jacob didn't know if he should stay with Miss Peregrine and the others but leave his family or if he should go with his dad back home and leave Miss Peregrine and the children with the possible threat from wights and hollowgasts towards them and himself also in constant danger from them. While Miss Peregrine is keeping all of the children locked up, Jacob goes to visit them. Horace then let out a blood curdling scream from a terrifying vision he'd had. When Jacob had went back to the mainland, his father had told him about the death of Martin and how he'd been missing and they'd fished his body out from the ocean. His father also mentioned about how the other day while he was walking about, the bird-watching guy had run into him and almost swung at him and how he was wearing sunglasses at night. Jacob went back to the house the next day and told Miss Peregrine about what had happened all from Martin to when the guy had almost taken a swing at his father. To this, Miss Peregrine gathered everyone into the living room in a hurry. Jacob then told a curious Emma and Millard about what had happened and Millard said that hollows (shorter name for hollowgasts) prefer peculiars over normal humans, but if they're REALLY hungry, then they'll feed on humans to tie themselves over. Miss Peregrine had then came back and announced the news to everyone, then saying that no one was allowed to leave or go anywhere. Not even to get food. Jacob had been upset by this and stormed up to Emmas room, telling Enoch, Emma, Bronwym and Millard that Miss Peregrine couldn't keep him there and that he NEEDED to see his father. They also wanted to find out if Martin really was killed by a hollow. So then, Enoch and Jacob had come up with a plan that included Emma, Bronwyn, him and Enoch. Millard refused to join in on the fun. After dinner while Miss Peregrine was extremely busy, they all met up at the upstairs window where they would hold onto Olive who would give them a ride down to the ground. Once they had gotten into town, they made their way over to the ice-house to find Martins body and for Enoch to use his peculiar power to bring him back to life to tell them who had killed him and if it was a hollow or not. Once they'd gotten there and Enoch had brought Martin back to life, he'd told them about what happened. From his stumbling of words, Jacob had figured out that he'd indeed been killed by a hollowgast and that it was somewhere on the island with them. They then proceeded to ask Martin where the hollow was to which Martin's breath hitched in his throat and he pointed behind them and said 'he did'. They'd made up a reason as to why they were there in the ice-house and how they were hungry and just wanted some fish. Then, Bronwyn asked they guy who he was, and he replied with 'that depends on who you ask' and then he procceded to to tell them that he knew who they were and then talked about their lives and what they'd gone through like he'd read a Wikipedia page or something! Then, he presumed to become other people that you don't really pay much attention to during your daily life, like that sour old bus driver, or the man who gave you that awful haircut. Jacob then thought to himself that he'd never actually seen any of those peoples eyes. Jacob then asked the man how he'd found him to which he then disguised his voice to sound like his therapist Dr. Once they'd gotten back, they still needed to find yet another place to stay, where the other wights and hollows went and find out how to change Miss Peregrine back and for her to restart the loop over again. Jacob had went back to talk to his father who then blew up on him for being gone so long saying that his friend were imaginary and told him that they're catching the next ferry back to their home. But, Jacob then took that opprotunity to introduce the peculiars to his father whom bragged about how Jacob had saved them. After that, they hadn't went back to the time loop, for the first time the children had experienced what it felt like to live the next day instead of the same one over again for the 80th time! Jacob had bid farewell to his father for a while and then the ten of them and Miss Peregrine took off in boats in search of a prison. They'd all let out a victory screech. After Bronwyn had taken a picture of the boat, an array of battle ships started to come close to the boats. To this, they paddled faster. -Ralph Waldo Emerson Prologue In the prologue, it mostly talks about Jacob and how his grandfather told him these stories about a strange orphanage that was run by a human bird or 'ymbryne' named Miss Peregrine. The orphanage held Peculiar children with Peculiar abilities such as an invisible boy, a girl who could float, a skinny boy who even if he held the biggest boulder wouldn't be phased and many more! But, he also told dark tales about monsters whom he fled and had to hide from; monsters called 'wights' and 'hollowgasts' or 'hollows'. Of course though, Jacob only believed those silly tales as a child. They weren't and aren't real! ...Or...are they? Chapter Four In chapter four, Jacob finds the islands museum. In there, he talks to one of the workers (Oggie) asking them about the home and the people that used to live there. In return, Jacob gets an answer about how they all died a long time ago from a test bombing. When Jacob went back to the motel that him and his father were staying at, and sat down to eat the revolting dinner that it had to offer. While his father and some of the others there were talking about birds on the island and such, they mentioned a Peregrine falcon which caught Jacobs attention because the letter to his grandfather was from Miss Peregrine! His father told him a Peregrine falcon is like a shapeshifter... Jacob had went to the house the next morning. While he was walking around inside he went upstairs, traveling room to room. The next room he had went into, he could feel that it was the one in which his grandfather had slept in. Under one of the beds, he had spotted a trunk peeking out. To open the case, he had pushed it down the stairs which then fell into the basement of the old house. Once he had gotten down there, he saw that in the trunk, there was dozens of photographs. On the photographs were various pictures much like the ones Jacobs grandfather had told him about as a child. Then, he had heard a loud crash from above him. In the hole from the trunk, Jacob had seen a few children looking through. A girl softly called his grandfathers name. Jacob focused more on it and saw that the girl was holding what seemed to be a ball of fire in her hands! They all started to run and Jacob called for them to stop. Jacob had found a little carin in which the children had run into. He went into it to see if the children were hiding there but he found nothing but emptiness. He went back to the town and back to the motel to find no one he had seen before! He tried to go back to his room which resulted in him being chased by the angry people at the little bar. While he was running, the girl (Emma) who was with the group of children before had taken him and with her was an invisible boy (Millard). Emma had accused Jacob of being a 'wight'. Emma and Millard had made a plan. Millard had left and Emma had taken Jacob out of hiding after an array of planes had flown across the sky and while everyone was occupied at looking up at the sight. Emma took Jacob back to the Piss Hole while it was empty and pushed him into the Priest Hole and told him to go to the door and that was where Millard would be waiting. After they had gotten out of the priest hole, Emma and Millard took Jacob to Miss Peregrine or 'the bird' as they call her. While Emma went to go and get Miss Peregrine, Millard and Jacob were talking. Millard had told Jacob about them being 'Peculiar'. Millard took Jacob to see Miss Peregrine, where she denies Emma's guess on Jacob being a wight and says that he is indeed the grandson of Abe (Jacobs grandfather who told him the stories). Miss Peregrine had talked to Jacob about the time loop and his grandfather and why Jacob had come to the island. They had also talked about the other ymbrynes that Miss Peregrine knew who also had time loops and also protecting other Peculiar Children. Jacob had stayed for dinner and met some of the other Peculiar children such as Olive whom was a levitating girl, Hugh who had bees attached to his body, Claire who had two mouths, one on the front of her head, and one of the back under her blonde curled hair and Horace who can see visions. Near the end of dinner, Miss Peregrine had told the children to hurry and finish their dinner. Jacob hadn't known what was going on, but then he had remembered that every night was the night that the house was bombed. All of the children had scurried outside and put on gas-masks, including Jacob. Emma had led Jacob back to the carin which he climbed through to get back to his side. Jacob, Emma and Miss Peregrine talked about how Abe (Jacobs grandfather) was killed by hollowgasts and how he must've known that Jacob was a peculiar. Miss Avocet a fellow ymbryne to Miss. Peregrine was in a room being nursed my Miss Peregrine. She said that her loop was broken into by wights dressed up at council members and killed most of her children and that she couldn't protect them. Jacob, Emma and Miss Peregrine talked about how Abe was killed by hollowgasts and how he must've known that Jacob was a peculiar. Miss Peregrine then came to the conclusion that her and her peculiar children were in danger and made rules that no one would travel anywhere unless they were in pairs and that they needed permission from Miss Peregrine herself if they were going to leave. After the children had scurried off to bed, Miss Peregrine and Jacob had went to a greenhouse and she taught him about wights and hollowgasts and how to spot one. She said that most of them wear sunglasses because their eyes turn a milky white colour; she also told Jacob that he'd be much safer if he were to stay with them in the house where she could protect him, and how she didn't want him to make the same mistake that his grandfather had made by leaving. Once Jacob had gotten back, he had talked to his father and started to wonder if the new birdwatching man who had set up a camping ground was a wight...but of course he couldn't talk to his father about it. Golan. Golan had tried to make a proposal that Jacob help him and his 'side-kick' Malthus in return for money and Jacobs old life back. Jacob refused and Golan locked the four of them in the ice-house with Malthus. Emma made a flame with her hands to see better. The monster had taken a step towards them and then split into two. Bronwyn then pushed Martins frozen body onto the monster in order to buy them more time. Then she smashed the ice-house with the monster still inside. They then scurried their way back to the loop where they'd be somewhat safe before the monster could get out of the rubble and follow them again. They then made their way into a barn filled with sheep after noticing the creature behind them close on their tails. Once they were hidden in the barn, they thought that they were safe, but the creature was tearing its way through the sheep killing them all one by one making its way closer to their hiding spot. Jacob made a brae decision and called the beat outside to chase after him while he ran to the bog. Once Jacob had reached the carin, he crawled inside trying to get to safety but only being snatched up by one of the hollows three tongues and thrown into it making them both fall backwards. They fell towards the water and the creature had died while Jacob was rescued by Emma. Once they had gotten back to the house, it seemed that Golan had been there already trying to take them. They told them that he'd taken Miss Peregrine and Miss Avocet and put them into a cage and taken off with them. Fiona told them that Millard had followed him to the lighthouse and so that's where they ran to. Golan started to shoot at them with a gun once they'd swam over to the lighthouse and Millard was caught by one of them. After much fighting and arguing, Jacob shot Golan who fell back over the railing of the lighthouse to his death. After they'd scurried back down the stairs, they met up with the others and Miss Peregrine whom stayed in her bird form. After all that craziness happened, they finally made their way back to the house. Thank You
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