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STAAR Persuasive Essay

No description

Laura Roycroft

on 9 September 2015

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Transcript of STAAR Persuasive Essay

STAAR Persuasive Essay
You need evidence to support your claim.
Persuasive Tone is Key!
absolutely, certainly, definitely
imperative, important, crucial
shall, must, should
* Attention Grabber/ Hook
* Background/ Linking Sentence
* Thesis Statement
Thesis Statement
Transition + Topic Sentence: One For each reason
To begin with
, learning can give people opportunities that no other activity can.
They can be: Personal, Real World, Historical, Pop Culture, etc...
What side are you taking?
This the heart of your paper. It needs:
Learning has a positive effect on life because it
provides many opportunities

for the future
it makes going through life easier.

Your topic sentences are based on the reasons you mentioned in your thesis statement.
Think of a person, place, event, or idea that will help you to prove your position.
For example
, learning stuff during high school can get you to college, which is one of the most incredible life experiences because in college you can meet and interact with people from different places. It also helps you to prepare yourself for real life.
Connection Sentence:
Link example back to topic sentence
, learning in any aspect will help you achieve your goals in life.
Close out your essay by reminding reader of your position.
All in all
, learning is very important for everyone in life; it helps you reach your goals by bringing you better opportunities and by making you a better person.
Restate the Thesis in Different Words
Call to Action
ex. So the next time you are not paying attention in class, just remember that you are losing an opportunity for the future.
Provide the reader with a plan of action: to think or to act.
Persuasive Essay Components
*Attention Grabber/ Hook + Background/Linking Sentence
*Thesis Statement (Position +Reasons)
*Transition + 1st Topic Sentence
*Explanation (Connection Sentence)
*Transition + 2nd Topic Sentence (if applicable)
*Explanation (Connection Sentence)
*Transition + Restatement of Thesis
*Call To Action
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