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The cognitive anatomy of PvP teams - Presentation of the disposition for my master's thesis

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Tuuli Pöllänen

on 20 March 2014

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Transcript of The cognitive anatomy of PvP teams - Presentation of the disposition for my master's thesis

Games lend themselves for research
infectious disease
culture, norming, community dynamics
gender identities

What about me?

Team cognition
GO !!!
Games and team cognition
Behavioral experiments, demographic questions and team SA/communication inventory through browser
Time-wall test,
Flanker task,
Visuospatial working memory (Corsi task or some matrix task)
Please pitch in - I'm open for suggestions
+ team communication/SA

-> Hierarchical linear model
level 1: player role and cognitive profile
level 2: team communication/SA and performance (ranking)

Game studies in psychology
violence, aggression, social isolation...
Game-training effects
Gamer-non-gamer comparisons
social psychology/communication in MMORPGs

No studies on differential performance BETWEEN gamers
Games as a research platform
Team cognition research
Gamers form self-selective
expert teams
Gamers are in their
ecologically valid niche
when performing computerized experiments
Depending on the game, teams of gamers come in
varying degrees of heterogeneity
Some games offer ranking systems and other data as a
direct performance metric
No ceiling effect in PvP contexts!
34 years old (25% are < 18, 49% are 18-49)
12 years of game experience
plays 8 hours per week
60% male
67% of US households play video games (2010)
US has nothing on South Korea
Student-athlete status for gamers

hundreds of millions of people
multibillion dollar industry

individual and team cognition
= "a distinguishable set of
two or more people
dynamically, interdependently, and adaptively toward a
common and valued goal
/object/mission, who have each been assigned specific
or functions to perform, and who have a
limited life span
of membership"

Team cognition ="emergent", more than a sum of its individual parts, result of functional interactions

Problems - ASSESSMENT!
Aggregating individual scores
Assessing emergent team situation awareness
Heterogenic teams and shared mental models vs. dynamic team situation model
Realtime metrics
Research questions
How do players'cognitive functions reflect in performance outcomes?

Are different cognitive processes differentially important to different roles?

Interplay between individual cognition and the team-level processes in predicting team performance.

HLM as an aggregation approach in team cognition

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