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ENG 112 Introduction

No description

Brittany Clark- Slaughter

on 22 May 2013

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Transcript of ENG 112 Introduction

A Little About The Instructor I have a bio and photo on Blackboard under the "My Instructor" tab, but I think a casual introduction is in order as well.

My name is Brittany Clark, and I am so excited to teach this class!

I am really horrible at a lot of things like cooking (I can't even make brownies out of a box), basketball, and reading maps and directions.

Lucky for you, I'm really great at a few things that pertain to this course and to your success. I love writing (you can Google me and read some of my creative work if you'd like) and I LOVE teaching. Before We Begin... Does the following apply to you?

1. I have successfully completed ENG 111 or its equivalent.
2. I am able to use word processing software.
3. I have internet access on a regular basis.
4. I can devote the time required for a typical 3 hour lecture class each week.
5. I am willing (and want) to learn how to improve my college writing skills.
If any of the above does not apply to you, please contact the instructor immediately for consultation.
Email: brittany.clark@southside.edu
Phone: 434 - 480 - 1125 This course is all about continuing to develop your college writing with an increased emphasis on critical essays, argumentation, and research. You will develop these competencies through the examination of a range of texts about the human experience. This course will require you to locate, evaluate, integrate, and document sources and effectively edit for style and usage.
Course Set-Up Grading You can read more about grading scales and policies under the "Syllabus" tab, but here is a general break down:

You will be graded on the following:
1. Weekly Journals: 10% of final grade (1% for each week)
2. Classroom Participation/ Course Dialogue (discussion boards): 40% (4% for each week)
3. Weekly Tests: 10% of final grade (1% for each week)
4. Final Portfolio: 40% of final grade (due during exam week) What is a Final Portfolio? The final portfolio will consist of a multitude of writings you have completed and revised over the course of the entire semester. While you will have rough drafts due consistently over the semester, you will not be graded on them beyond mere completion of the assignment; rather, you will work on revising and editing them over the whole ten weeks. I feel it is best to grade writing this way because what you know at the the beginning of the course is small compared to what you know at the end. This way, you have a chance to make ALL of your writing the best that it can be. HOWEVER, if you are the kind of person who procrastinates, I highly recommend you stick to the schedule I'll outline throughout the course in order to not fall behind. Summer, 2013 Welcome to ENG 112! This course is set up by week. When you log in to Blackboard, you should see "Current Week" listed first on your menu to the left hand side of the screen. This is where all of your instructions will be for each week. If you ever want to access content from previous weeks, you can do so under the "Previous Weeks" tab in your menu.

Each week begins on a Thursday and has two due dates. Your first assignment(s) will be from Thursday - Sunday (by 11:59 pm), and your second assignment(s) will be from Monday - Wednesday (by 11:59 pm).

If you ever have any questions about the course set-up, please do not hesitate to contact me. I'm excited to begin! If you have any questions, again, please contact me. You shouldn't have any problems with this class if you follow the weekly schedules, turn in your assignments, and push yourself to be a better writer!
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