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Claude monet

No description

Bonnie Robertson

on 1 December 2014

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Transcript of Claude monet

Claude Oscar Monet
Claude Monet is a famous french impressionist. Claude Monet's paintings are beautifully created
Claude Monet's life
Claude Monet was born in November 14 in 1840 and he unfortunately died in December 5 1926.

He grew up to have 2 children. Jean Monet and Michel Monet.

On the 1st of April 1851, at the age of 11 Claude entered the Le Havre secondary school of the arts. He first became known locally for his charcoal specialties that he would sell for 10-20 dollars.

An impressionist is a painter, writer, or composer who is an exponent of impressionism.
What is the difference between a painting and an impressionist painting?
Have you been paying attention?
We will now ask anyone questions that we have told you during our presentation.

The first question is have you been paying attention?
Claude Monet's paintings are not like an other paintings.
Claude monet
Claude Monet painted this picture and named it agapanthus and he painted it in 1914- 1926 and he used oil paint.
This was Claude Monet's last painting
draw an arrow to something in the photo than write what is different
What was Claude's last painting?
Question 1

non-impressionist is painted exactly as seen.
impressionist hasn't got as much detail
Question 2
how many children did claude have?

Bonus Question
What were their names?
2- Jean monet & michel monet
By Indira and Bonnie
Song playing in background is called:
la vie en rose

Before claude monet, everyone painted pictures exactly as they saw it
thank you for watching!
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