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The Mexican American

No description

allyea harris

on 2 March 2015

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Transcript of The Mexican American

The Mexican American War
The Begnning Of The War
*James K. Polk knew that the Mexican government needed cash
-He offered them money
- To settle claim for the Rio Grande boarder
Offered 2 purshase California & New Mexico
- Mexico refused
- Cede- To give up
-Provoke- to cause to anger to excite to cause an action
- Polk sent General Zachary Taylor south to the disputed land south of the nueces
- The Mexicans saw this as an act of war
- After Mexicans troops ambushed an american patrol on the disputed land
Polk asked Congress 4 Declaration of war
Forced war by shedding
"American blood upon American Soil"
Rebellion In California
Invasion Of Mexico
- Zachary Taylor captured the Mexican city of Monterry
- Santa Anna attacked Taylor at the battle of Beuna Vista
- Taylor forces were better armed
- Santa Anna retreated
- Amer. army under general Winfield Scott captured Veracruz
-General Scott marched from Veracruz 2 Mexico City
-Scott's campaign ended @ Chapultepec(stone palace)
-The Mexicans fought bravely to defend Chapultepec most of them were killed
-In Mexico these young men are still honored for their bravery & patriotism
-After Mexicos defeat at Chapultepec, Santa Anna left Mexico city
-The Mexican capital was now in American hands
-The U.S won the war

Opposition to War
- The war with Mexico was very popular among Americans
- The war was strongest among
- Southerners
- Westerners
- Who were willing to take up arms to gain more land
- Northerens aruged that Polk had provoked the war
- "Mr.Polk's War"
- Claimed he tried to extend slavery
- Abraham Lincolon- pointed out that land under dispute was not "American Soil'
Mexican American War Pictures
John C Fremont
-Polk sent represenative, Nicholas Trist to help general Scott to negotiate a treaty with the Mexican government
-In return the U.S paid $18 million to Mexico
-In the gadsen purchase in 1853 the U.S paid Mexico $10 million for a narrow strip of present-day to Arizona and New Mexico
-Manifest destiny had been achieved
Allyea Harris
Aisha Horns
Nia Acker
Deron Wiley

Achieving manifest destiny
-Polk ordered troops under the command of Stephen Kearny 2 invade & capture Santa Fe, New Mexico
-Kearny was 2 lead his troops into Cali.
-Even before Kearnys troops reached Cali. settlers near San Francisco had begun their own revolt against Mexico
-They raised a grizzly bear flag and declared Cali. an independent republic
-John C. Frèmont soon took command of the bear flag rebellion he moved to join forces with u.s troops under command of Kearny
-Mexico had little presence in Cali.
-Frèmonts forces quickly captured Santa Fe and San Diego
-1847-All of Southern Cali. was also under American control
California Republic Flag
Santa Fe New Mexico
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