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The Impact of Linguicism on Sign Languages and the Deaf Community

GSR 103 I-Research Project

Alana Aloi

on 13 December 2012

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Transcript of The Impact of Linguicism on Sign Languages and the Deaf Community

The Impact of Linguicism on Sign Languages and the Deaf Community
Is Bilingualism a Solution to Linguicism?

In 1981, Swedish Sign Language came to be recognized as the first language of the deaf in Sweden.

Sweden also encourages sign language use among family members.

Parents and relatives of deaf or hard-of-hearing children have the right to Sign Language instruction for free.

CONCLUSION What is Linguicism? What is the evidence of linguicism? "The interpreter, to cover up her lack of fluency, purposefully disempowered me...Interpreters should be accountable for their lack of fluency and not put this on the deaf person’s shoulders." - Trudy Suggs

GSR 103
December 13, 2012 Impact

Linguistically argued racism; Looking down on language as inferior AUDISM & DISEMPOWERMENT

Are interpreters contributing to Linguicism from hearing society.... Linguicism in Italy

What is Linguicism?

What are some cross-cultural examples?

Is Bilingualism the cure? Thesis Questions: ....what else does research say about Linguicism? -from Tove Stutnabb Kangas who created the definition Professor Griffin Says:


"For ASL-users, linguicism is the oppression of ASL in deaf educational settings."- ASLrose
- will use simcom, SEE, favor english

Also It is important to note that Linguicism is a reflection of "Language Attitudes"

"language attitudes are the feelings people have about their own language variety or the languages or language varieties of others"-http://www.english.wisc.edu But... Why did I pick this topic? I think Understanding Linguicism and Language Attitudes are important.

If Linguicism is permitted it can lead to "linguicide"- Robert L. Mason- thus - the death of a language could mean the death of a culture

The point of this research topic is to look for some solutions before it gets to that point Italy wanted to change (LIS) - Italian Sign Language, to Linguaggio Mimico Gesturale (LMG).

"Linguaggio" apparently doesn't have a direct translation into English but essentially it means 'less than a language'. SIGN LANGUAGE IS A NATURAL LANGUAGE We can follow Italy and make a pettition:

Currently there is one trending on Twitter-

Officially recognize American Sign Language as a community language and a language of instruction in schools.
ASL is still considered "foreign"
Needs Federal Recognition Maybe Its Not a Solution yet
But Its a start that will hopefully lead to Bi-Culturalism "WHO NEEDS A RHINOCEROS

-JOSHUA A. FISHMAN 1976 Robert L. Mason. "Linguicism Toward Deaf Signers" Blog article, March 30, 2007. http://robertmason.blogspot.com/2007/03/linguicism-toward-deaf-signers.html.
ASL Rose Newsletter. Vol. 1 No 8. August 2007. http://www.aslrose.com/nlv1n8a.php
Trudy Suggs. "Deaf Disempowerment and Todays Interpreter" Dec11, 2012. http://www.streetleverage.com/2012/12/deaf-disempowerment-and-todays-interpreter/
Karina Chupina. "Role of Sign Language in Sweden" November 22, 2006

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