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Junk Food Advertising Bans

No description

Inquiry Class

on 2 April 2013

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Transcript of Junk Food Advertising Bans

a blast from the past... ...bans on unhealthy behaviours are practical and effective 1980 advertisement ban in Quebec
The result?
Quebec has the lowest childhood obesity rates in the country. Smoke Free Ontario:
displays the feasibility implementing an advertisement restriction policy The Right Solution: Banning Junk Food Advertising Targeted to Children How Can Kids Resist? The future of our children
depends on it Support an Advertising Ban on Junk Food! Children are inundated with junk food advertisements
How can we blame them for craving what they see on TV?
We need to take action to stop advertisements
And stop the spread of childhood obesity Why is an advertising ban the best solution? To fight childhood obesity
and make our kids healthier Both the Liberals and the NDP see the value of this policy Who else supports advertising bans? Majority of the Provincial Government Supports it Christine Elliot, deputy leader of the Progressive Conservatives: "The government should educate kids about eating right, not ban ads and displays of pop and junk food...We in the PC party don't support banning things." France Gelinas, NDP Health Critic: "Ontario should move quickly to join other jurisdictions that have restricted such advertising “Ontario’s doctors have been vocal and strong advocates on the pressing need to fight childhood obesity for several years. In 2005, we recommended restricting advertising junk food to children.” Mark MacLeod, Former President of the OMA “This bill would be a valuable first step to address childhood obesity” Laura Syron, Heart and Stroke Foundation Deb Matthews, Liberal Health Minister: “This is not a nice-to-do; this is a must do” Liberals: 53, NDP: 18, Conservatives: 36
Liberals + NDPs = Majority Vote in Favour “The evidence has only gotten stronger that young children are not able to cognitively defend against persuasion attempts by advertisers” There are opposing groups.... ....but those who will sway the government Are on our side! “The evidence has only gotten stronger that young children are not able to cognitively defend against persuasion attempts by advertisers” Doris Grinspun, Registered Nurses’ Association of Ontario References
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