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Map on the Gospel of Matthew

This map displays the geographical and chronological events/teachings/miracles of Matthew's Gospel.

Eduardo Kim

on 11 April 2011

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Transcript of Map on the Gospel of Matthew

happy life dssdf Gospel Map of Matthew (2:23) Joseph and
his family settle in Nazareth. (8:14) Jesus heals Peter's mom. (8:15) Jesus drives our demons (10:2-40) Jesus names the twelve disciples. And gives them the following instructions:
(10:5) To not go among the Gentiles.
(10:8) Heal the sick, raise the dead.
(10:26-28) Do not be afraid.
(10:34) Jesus came to bring a sword not peace. (22:15-22) Jesus tells the Herodians to give Caesar what is his. (22:41-46) Jesus asks about who the father of the messiah is. (23:1-36) Jesus denounces religious hypocrites. (24:3-8) Jesus tells the disciples that many men will try to decieve them. (24:15-31) There will be great tribulation until the son comes again. (24:32-33) The parable of the fig tree. (25) Jesus talks with parables:
(25:1-13) The 10 virgins.
(25:14-30) The talents.
(25:31-46) The sheep and the Goats. (26:6-16) Jesus is anointed by a women. (26:17-30) Jesus celebrates the passover and first supper with his disciples. (26:36-46) Jesus prays. (26:47-56) Judas betrays Jesus and he is arrested. (26:57-68) Jesus is lead to the high priest. (26:69-75) Peter denies Jesus three times. (27:3-9) Judas hangs himself. (27:15-25) The people choose Barabbas over Jesus. (27:27-31) Jesus is tortured. (27:32-44) Jesus talks with the two criminals at his side. (27:45-56) Jesus dies, and the curtain of the sanctuary was split in two. (27:57-61) Jesus is buried. (27:62-66) Pilate orders the tomb to be guarded. (28:1-10) Jesus is resurected. (28:16-20) Jesus comissions his disciples to teach. (1:20-21) An angel of God came to Joseph in Bethlehem, telling him Mary's son is the Son of God. (2:7, 11) Herod sends the wise men to meet Jesus. (2:1-2) Wise men ask for the King of the Jews. Jerusalem (2:14) Joseph, Mary, and Jesus go to Egypt. Egypt (2:16) Herod kills all male babies in Bethlehem. (2:19) King Herod dies. (3:11) John the Baptist prophesizes on the coming of Jesus. (3:1, 6) John the Baptist preaches and baptizes. (3:13) Jesus is baptized in the Jordan by John the Baptist. (4:1-11) Jesus is tempted by Satan. (4:18-22) Jesus calls his first disciples. (4:12, 17) Jesus starts preaching. (4:23-24) Jesus preached and healed throughout Galilee. Bethlehem
(8:1-4) Jesus heals a man with leprosy. (8:5-13) Jesus heals a paralyzed man. (8:23-27) Jesus calms a storm. (8:28-34) Jesus drives out demons. (13:1-52) Jesus tells parables to the crowd.
(13:3-23) The parable of the sower about a farmer that scatter seeds in different places that were good and bad.
(13:24-30) The parable of the weeds: the evil side of the church.
(13:31-35) The parable of the mustard seed and the yeast: the growth of the church.
(13:36-43) The parable of the weeds is explained.
(13:44-46) The parable of the hidden treasure and the pearl is about the value of the kingdom of heaven.
(13:47-52) The parable of the net is about the separations of people in the end of times. (9:1-6) In Nazareth Jesus heals a paralyzed man. Nazareth
(11:4-6) Jesus says good news and performs miracles. (11:7-19) Jesus talks about John the Baptist being great. (11:20-24) Jesus denounces the cities that did not repent. (11:25-26) Jesus praises God. (11:27) All things were intrusted to Jesus by the Father. (11:28-30) Jesus gives rest to the weary. (12:1-8) Jesus eats grains with his disciples on the sabbath, the pharisees see them and believe it unlawful, but Jesus rebukes them. (12:9-14) Jesus heals a man in the synagogue on the Sabbath, and the Pharisees ask him if it is lawful. He says you must do good on the Sabbath. (12:15,16,22) Jesus leaves the synagogue and heals many people. (12:23-24) The people wonder if Jesus is the son of David. (12:25-37) Jesus tells the Pharisees about casting demons out and the blaspheming against the Holy Spirit. (12:46-50) Jesus explains who is mother and brother are. The Sermon on the Mount
(11:2-3) In prison John the Baptist asks Jesus if he is the one to come. (5-7) On the mountainside Jesus preaches about:
(5:2-11) The right way to live.
(5:13-16) His followers will be the light of the world.
(5:17-20) Not changing the law.
(5:21-26) To not hate your brothers.
(5:31-32) Divorce because of sexual immorality
(5:33-37) Tell the truth
(5:38-42) Do not take revenge.
(5:43-48) Love your enemies
(6:1-4) Give to the needy.
(6:5-15) Pray truthfully and faithfully.
(6:16-18) How to fast.
(6:19-24) Avoid materialism.
(6:25-34) To not worry about anything.
(7:1-6) Not criticising other people.
(7:7-12) God will provide.
(7:13-14) Not choosing the easy way.
(7:15-20) Be careful with false prophets.
(7:21-23) True disciples.
(7:24-29) Obey God's word
(14:1-5) King Herod heard of the things that Jesus was doing and he wanted to kill John the Baptist, but he was scared of the people. (14:6-11) In Herodias’ birthday, she wanted the head of John the Baptist as a promise granted from King Herod; and it was given to her. (14:12) The disciples of John took John's body to bury it, and they told what happened to Jesus. (14:13-36) Jesus performs two miracles:
Jesus feeds about five thousand people using five loaves of bread and two fishes (14:13-21).
Jesus walks on water with Peter, but Peter got scared (14:22-36). (15:39) Jesus gets in a boat and goes to Magadon. (16:1-4) The Pharisees and the Sadducees ask for a sign from heaven. (16:5-12) Jesus teaches His disciples of the wrong teachings of the Pharisees and the Sadducees. (16:13) Jesus goes the regions of Caesarea Philippi. (16:14-20) Jesus asked who the Son of Man was, and Simon Peter responded by saying that He was. (16:21-28) Jesus tells His disciples about His future death and resurrection. (17:1-13) Jesus is in a mountain with Peter, James and John the brother of James, where He is transfigured. (17:14-23) Jesus helps a man’s son by driving the demon without the help of the disciples. The disciple wonder why and Jesus tells them they have little faith. (17:24-27)Jesus pays taxes by telling Peter to fish the first fish which has money. (18:1-6) Jesus explains to his disciples that to enter the kingdom of heaven you must be like children. (18:7-9)Jesus talks about what to do about temptation. (18:10-14) The parable of the lost sheep: God rejoices everytime a son comes back to him. (18:15-20) What do you do when someone sins. (18:21-35) The parable of the unmerciful servant. (19:1-12) Jesus talks about marriage and divorce. (19:16-30) To enter the kingdom of Heaven you must give up all your posesions. (20:1-16) Parable of a landownner: we are all going to be payed equeally in heaven. (20:17-19) On the way to Jerusalem Jesus predicts his betrayal, crucifixion and resurrection. (21:1-3) Jesus' disciples go get a donkey for Jesus (21:4-11) Jesus enters Jerusalem on the donkey and everyone comes out to recieve him. (21:12-17) Jesus cleanses the temple in Jerusalem. (21:18-22) He teaches the disciples about faith through a fig tree in Bethany. (21:28-22:14) Jesus says three parables in Jerusalem:
(21:28-32)The parable of the two sons: About a father that orders his sons to work but only one goes.
(21:33-46)The parable of the tenant.
(22:1-14)The parable of the wedding banquet: Were many were invited but few chosen. (15:32-38) Jesus sees that the people haven’t eaten, so he orders his disciples for seven loaves of bread and a fish and feeds them all. (15:1-2) The Pharisees accuses Jesus that His disciples are breaking tradition. (15:3-20) Jesus teaches the Pharisees about the purity inside of man. (15:21-28) Jesus goes to the region of Tyre and Sidon, where He casts out a demon possessed girl when He realizes the faith that the Canaanite mother had. (15:29-31) Jesus leaves and goes up a mountainside along the Sea of Galilee, and He heals many people and they’re surprised. 09 April 2011 Mrs. Shuflin John Mark Eugenia Eduardo Faith Quest (13:53-58) Jesus finishes with His parables and goes to Nazareth, where He notices the reactions made by the people’s lack of faith and did not perform many miracles. (9:18, 23-26) Jesus raises the daughter of synagogue leader from the dead. (9:27-34) Jesus heals a blind and mute man. (12:38-45) The Pharisees ask for a miracle to Jesus, but Jesus tells them about the sign of Jonah. (2:1) Jesus is born in Bethlehem. (9:20-22) Jesus heals a woman that was bleeding for 12 years on His way to the leader's house. CAPERNAUM Judea
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