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Adriana Lupercio

on 12 May 2014

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Transcript of Abstinence

By: Adriana Lupercio
What is Abstinence?
Whats the point of teaching abstinence?
Abstinence Education in The U.S
Are all 50 states covering sex education along with abstinence?
In 2010 :
- 3 out of 50 states did not have any type of sex education
-47 out of the 50 states do provide sex education
-41 out of the 50 states have sex education and also cover the topic of abstinence
-31 out of those 41 states that have sex education and cover abstinence also STRESS about the topic of abstinence
- The 11 states left over that have sex education and cover abstinence but do not stress to students that they should stay abstinent.
- 19 out of the 47 states that offer sex ed also were required to inform teens about HIV Education
Abstinence Education, Effective or a Waste of Time and Money?
- Abstinence is the act of not indulging or giving into some type of risky situation.
- In this case , were talking about restraining from sex
- Everyone defines Abstinence differently , at the end of the day its ones personal choice to restrain from sexual activity or not
Abstinence Education aims to inform teens the positive outcomes of being abstinent during their youth. Abstinence education has been seen as a solution in reducing STD's and pregnancy at an early age.
-Each year the government goes out their way to provide some kind of sex education along with abstinence education around the United States. More than one million dollars have been spent the past decade and a half on such programs like these.
The Pros and Cons of Abstinence
-You can avoid unplanned pregnancy
- You can avoid contracting STD's through sexual relations
- You an avoid emotional damage which can affect future relationships or cause marital problems
- Abstinence does NOT cover the importance of contraception
-The biggest disadvantage of abstinence only education is that there is no guarantee that this method will prevent teenagers from actually abstaining from sex. There has been no evidence regarding this. On the other hand, it has been seen that teenagers who have given this education are likely to indulge in sexual intercourse at a young age.
Is abstinence more effective than contraception?
-A new study showed that improved contraceptive use is responsible for 86 percent of the decline in the U.S. adolescent pregnancy rate between 1995 and 2002. Not abstinence education.
-When used consistently and correctly, contraception can be extremely effective at preventing unwanted pregnancies and the contraction of diseases like HPV and can reduce the risk of HPV-associated diseases, such as cervical cancer and genital warts
-Staying abstinent is just a personal choice that doesn't guarantee to be effective.
So , will Obamas recent budget cut on abstinence affect teens in the future, or is it the solution ?
- Overall , Abstinence is just something one chooses to commit to. The government doesn't need to invest money on education that isn't as effective as claimed.
-Contraception education should substitute abstinence education because studies show that contraception is the reason for decline in teenage pregnancy and STD rates.
-The budget cut won't hurt our future teens , at the end of the day they are the ones responsible for their actions.
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