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Great Eastern

No description

Sai Kit Cheng

on 10 October 2012

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Transcript of Great Eastern

UHL 2432 English For Professional Communication Mini Project Presentation
Employer Profiling Cheng Sai Kit SB11005
Chong Chee Yeen PC11026 Lecturer : Ms. Yap Chui Yan Contents Corporate Information
Organization Structure
Vision and Missions
Core Values
Products and Services
Potential Clients Ambitious Competitors
Branch Networks and International Networking
Annual Reports (Statistics)
Current and Incoming Projects Corporate Information Originated since year 1908
The Great Eastern Life Assurance Company Limited
Certified as the "Oldest & Largest Life Insurer" in Malaysia
Current HQ – Kuala Lumpur
Awarded the best "Private Health Insurance Provider of the Year" in 2012 Our Vision To be the leading financial service provider in Asia, recognized for our excellence Our Mission To make life great by providing financial security,
and promoting good health and meaningful relationships Philosophy : “Life is Great!” 3 "I" Integrity Initiative Involvement Products and Services Everyone Competitors OCBC Bank
Great Eastern Mall
Pasir Ris Properties Private Limited
Straits Eastern Square Private Limited  Worldwide Singapore


Indonesia Organization Structure Prologue 2011 Gross premiums, (RM 5,800.3 million)
Total assets, (RM 53,670.1 million)
Profit attributable to shareholders, (RM 515.5 million)
Shareholders’ fund, (RM 929.2 million) Dramatically increment of asset
+9.00% from year 2010 to year 2011 Annual Report : Stability Recent Projects Great secure care
CustomerService Call Centralisation
"Together We Experience Nature"
"Great Eastern Goes Green With Effective Microorganism"
"ChildrenCare Agro-Adventure
Life Planning Advisor Graduation
Great Eastern Decodes The secret of Love The End Conclusion "Life is valuable. Life is great!" The Great Eastern Life Assurance Bhd is like an umbrella.
We prepare you for a brighter future! Partnership
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