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No description

Incarnation Catholic

on 19 October 2016

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Transcript of Temperance

Why is temperance important?
It is important to show temperance because it is respectful. If you can not control your self then other people take it offensive and think of you a different way.
Example of temperance
An example of temperance is when you and all of you best buddies are in class together and the one thing you want to do is tell them what your thinking. You want to so bad that you will risk getting a strike for telling your friend what you want to say. In this situation, you can show temperance by waiting till after class to tell them and just being as quiet as you can. This is showing self control by not talking
What temperance will do for you
If you show temperance throughout your classroom life, it will lead to academic success and life success. Temperance is a good trait to have and it will help you in the future.
What is temperance?
Temperance is the first virtue that perfects mans ability to act well with ones self from within ones self. This also means to have self control.
How to show temperance
You can show temperance in many ways, one way to show temperance is to be quiet and pay attention to the speaker. (in a classroom environment)
Sebastian Sargeant
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