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Digital Storytelling with ELL Students

How to value the voice of all students

Kevin Hodgson

on 26 May 2011

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Transcript of Digital Storytelling with ELL Students

Finding Their Voice What is Digital Storytelling? Digital Storytelling is a multimedia narrative that

uses authentic writing
honors authentic voice
utilizes multimedia (image, video, music etc.)
tells a powerful story It's still about the
writing process:
Brainstorm ideas
Draft and revise a script
Create a storyboard
Publish to authentic audience Digital Storytelling allows English Language Learners to:

Share immigrant experiences
Place value of spoken narrative
Empower their use of "voice"
Proide for differentiated instruction (entry points for everyone)
Revise for an authentic reason
Collaborate with family, peers, others
Publish a story with the world (if desired) What does it look like
in the classroom? from NWP Digital Is/
Writing for Change project
(http://www.writingforchange.net/) Home by Justin American Immigration Project What (free) desktop tools can you use?

Photostory 3 (PC)
Moviemaker (PC)
iMovie (Mac)
iPhoto (Mac) What online tools can you use?

Voicethread (collaborative podcasting: http://voicethread.com/)
Jaycut (online video editor: http://jaycut.com/ )
Piclits (image, text)
Animoto (music video creator: https://animoto.com/ )
Digital Storyteller Creator (http://www.digitalstoryteller.org/ ) "Stories paint word pictures and use the sound and rhythm and repetition of words. In developing and learning a story you should concentrate on its visual and audio aspects: either assemble it into a series of visual pictures like a filmstrip, or consciously absorb the rhythm and arrangement of the sounds of the words."
-- Barry McWilliams "Digital Storytelling is the modern expression of the ancient art of storytelling. Digital stories derive their power by weaving images, music, narrative and voice together, thereby giving deep dimension and vivid color to characters, situations, experiences, and insights."
- Leslie Rule "We are our stories.
We compress years
of experience, thought
and emotion into a few
compact narratives that
we convey to others and
tell to ourselves."
- Daniel Pink "I know only one thing
about the technologies
that await us in the future:
We will find ways to tell
stories with them."
-- Jason Ohler "Story is the songline of
a person's life. We need to sing it and we need someone to hear the songs. Story told. Story heard. Story written. Story read creates the web of life in words.
-- Christina Baldwin Important Elements of Digital Storytelling
from Joe Lambert's "Digital Storytelling Cookbook":

Point of view
Dramatic Question
Emotional Content
The Gift of your Voice
The Power of Soundtrack
Pacing Digital Storytelling
English Language Learners By Kevin Hodgson http://voicethread.com/#q.b334997.i2942065 Voicethread Number of views: 57,000
Number of comments: 230 from the National Writing Project
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