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Football in Europe - Political and Social Aspects

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Seweryn Dmowski

on 22 March 2018

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Transcript of Football in Europe - Political and Social Aspects

Football in Europe
Political and Social Aspects

Topic: Football issue itself
Topic: Football
as a mirror, tool and a cause


Seweryn Dmowski, PhD


Duty hours:
Mondays, 6:30-8:00
room 207 (Nowy Świat 67, 2nd floor)
Football as a reflection:
of the state: e.g. football reflecting regimes (totalitarian, facist, real socialism, authoritarian, religious regime etc.)
of the society: e.g. football reflecting social, spatial, national and political divisions
of the international relations: e.g. football as a factor or as an effect
Football as a tool of socio-political influence
clubs as tool of regime, national-regional-social movement
football as a platform of values promotion (anti-rasict, fair-play)
football as an expression (political, social, national)
football as a commercial rivalry
Football and socio-political change
cultural change (migrations, multi-culturalism, unification of culture)
football ang globalization ("global language")
football and changes in identities
football and building communities of common experiences and similar understanding of rules and standards – global rituals
History of Football
Development in Great Britain and Europe
Diffusion throughout the world
Changes of the football's "social base"
Football and Politics
Political analysis of a football club
National, social and regional identities in football
Political roots of development of football
Football as an element of state machinery
Football and International Relations
International football organizations
Football and migrations
Football diplomacy
Political context of football matches and torurnaments
Football and Society
Football fandom
Football and social role, position and prestige
Football as a factor of social inclusion/exclusion
Football and Economics
Football club as an industry
Football market (transfers, TV rights, sponsorship)
Football and Four Economic Freedoms (UE)
Football and Media
New role of players
Football media market
Growing influence of media on football
Football and Culture
Football in film
Football in literature
Football match as an anthropological ritual
Football match as a cultural show
Football and Philosophy
Football and Management
Football careers
Football club as an enterprise
Management models - tactics, playing styles and aesthetics
Introduction 2017/18
8 ECTS, final written exam on 29th of January, 2017 (in the evening)
Second chance during second exam session (March 2017)
List of presence, 2 absences allowed
No registration in USOS = no credit!

Can I get the credit
without the exam?
Can I make something else than passing the exam
to get the credit?
Can I take the exam
on the other day?
INP students (Polish)
INP students (Graduate MA)
UW students
IE students
Is there any
additional reading?
Will I share
the presentations
with you?
Will it be a fascinating
journey into the world
of football?
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