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Dave Shala

on 6 September 2013

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Transcript of Minoans

Where were they located?
They were located in the island of Crete that is currently owned by Greece
They lived between 3000 and 1100 BC
They eventually moved on and and settled in different lands around them

Advanced Tecnology
The cities possesed plumbing and sanitation and were located in every home. the minoans did a lot of metalworking such as making jewelry which was used to trade with distant countries. They also made copper instruments that date back to 2300 BC.

Complex Institutions
At first the Minoans had no organized government or landlords. Around 2000 B.C.E they put in a new political system with a king in command. They had a polytheistic religion focused on female gods.This was also known as a matriarcal religion. There is evidence of male gods but they dont come even close in importance.
Advanced Cities
Most cities were builtin 2000 BCE. They were mostly made of rubble for the base and brick for the main part of the building and had timber for roofing.
Commerce flourished in the capital of Minoa, Knossos.
artisans flooded the streets and created high quality work. Knossos had very little defences.
All of the cities and homes in Minoa had plumbing and sanitation. Another major city was Gournia
Record Keeping
Most minoan record keeping has been found on clay tablets. those clay tablets had a form of greece writing on it. Earliest reconds were found on hieroglphics they kept large records of previous trade and related topics.
An example of the tablet is...
Skilled Workers
Since much of Crete was forested the minoans learn how to do carpentry and became great carpenters. The minoans also became great with metalwork and made an assortment of jewlery. They used their skills in carpentry and metalwork to make boats and dominate the trading buisness.
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