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Shell Safety Day

No description

Scott Mayfield

on 25 July 2014

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Transcript of Shell Safety Day

Task + Risk= Glove Selection
Glove selection based on task
Glove Selection
Hand Injury Statistics
Red: Electrical
APWA Uniform Color Code
Hand & Glove Safety
Shell Safety Day
Utility Mark-out Identification
Dial 811
John Voight- Accutech
Utility Markout Demo
1,153,000 Occupational Incidents w/ days off- 2012
Hand Injuries- 12% or 140,000 Incidents
Event/ Exposure of Hand Injury
Struck by Object- 38% or 54,000 incidents
Struck against object- 14% or 20,000 incidents
Caught in object- 20% or 28,000 incidents
Nature of Incident
Cuts, Lacerations, Punctures- 44% or 61,000 incidents
Glove Selection
Nitrile Glove:
Tasks: Sampling activities; Handling of chemicals
Cut Resistant Glove:
Tasks: Jobs with sharp objects; Using knives, blades
Impact Resistant Glove:
Tasks: Using hammers; Jobs with crush risk
High Voltage Gloves:
Tasks: Working near energized lines; 500v-40,000v
High Visibility Gloves:
Tasks: Working in populated areas; High perceptibility needed
APWA Uniform Color Code
Potable Water Line
Sewer and Drain Lines
Utility Mark-Out Demo
John Voight- Accutech Services
Blue: Water
Yellow: Gas
Green: Sewer
"Goal Zero: No Harms, No Leaks"
Wayne Perry
Electric Power Lines;
Cables; Conduit
Gas, Oil, Steam Lines
Re-energizing Shell's Life Saving Rules
Follow prescribed journey
management plan
Conduct gas tests
when required
Verify Isolation
before work begins
Obtain authorization before
entering confined space
Obtain authorization before
overriding safety equipment
Protect yourself from falls
when working at height
Do not walk under
a suspended load
No alcohol or drugs
while working/ driving
Do not smoke outside
of designated areas
While driving, no cell phone use
and don't exceed speed limit
Wear your seat belt
Work with a valid work
permit, when required
Achieving Goal Zero!
Hand & Glove Safety
Re-energizing Life Saving Rules
Utility Mark-Out Identification
Shell Welcome Video
Hand Injury Statistics
Hand Injury Statistics
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