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Everest Book Two: The Climb

No description

John Mason

on 6 March 2014

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Transcript of Everest Book Two: The Climb

Everest Book Two: The Climb
By Gordon Korman
Main Characters: Norman "Tilt" Crowley, Dominic Alexis, Sammi Moon, and Perry Noonan are all SummitQuest Expedition Climbers. Experienced climber Cap Cicero leads the expedition.

Setting: Kathmandu, 747 Jet, Small Mountain Villages Outside of Everest, Everest Layer Base Camps, Mount Everest, Khimbu Icefall, and Lhotse Face.

Conflict: Must Climb Everest and Death is inevitable on Everest. Getting Acclimatized, and Tilt secretly ratting out information to a website covering the climb.

On their way through Kathmandu and old Lama hallucinates and says that there are shiny coils around Dominic's neck when he enters the monastery.
Rising Action 1
After arriving at the camp, Dominic recieves HAPE, a breathing problem on the mountain and become expected to not be able to climb the mountain. Tilt continues to leak fake info that the SummitQuest and the Sherpas on the mountain are abusing Dominic, who is already drawing criticism for being too small and too weak for the grind of Everest. Tilt believes that if Dominic reaches the Summit, he will break the record for youngest person to climb Everest and Tilt will not. So he tries to get him out.
Rising Action 2
Dominic recovers from HAPE against all odds and feels fantastic. He decides to go onto the Icefall and climbs better than he has his whole life. He feels ready for Everest and is fully acclimatized. Then the government comes and tries to take Dominic back to the states. His friends hide him and despite Tilt's effort to "accidently" give away Dominic's hiding spot to the government officials his timing is messed up by Cap Cicero's interruptions. The government officials from Kathmandu believe the story that Dominic was sent off the mountain because of HAPE and leave the expedition alone.
Rising Action 3
The Expedition begins as the SummitQuest team climbs it way up to the feet of Everest at Base Camp 3. Perry continues his worrisome behavior, Dominic is nervous, Sammi excited with her usual spastic self, and Tilt continues his cocky, mean behavior. The whole expedition is tense and ready for Everest.
Rising Action 4 and 5
While listening to the radio in Base Camp 3 they hear a distress call. It's from This Way Up's Ethan Zaph the record holder for youngest climber on the summit of Everest and Shapang and Nestor. They ran out of rope and they have to turn back. Then Nestor is hit by a small avalanche and is knocked unconscious. SummitQuest is the only team in position to go save them. Cap Cicero and Sneezy and Doctor Andrea go out to save them. The rest of the crew is told to watch the radio for new news. Shapang comes down, telling the group of This Way Up's troubles in the mountain and is in very bad condition and lacking oxygen. Chris decides to continue up the mountain without oxygen and rope with the unconscious Nestor. The SummitQuest realizes that Cap and his crew are going looking for nobody and realizes that they have to go up Mount Lhotse and save them. Together they grab supplies and begin the steep climb.
Ethan Zaph and Nestor are found by Tilt, Sammi, Perry, and Dominic. Nestor has tiny red crystals coming out of his back which turn out to be frozen blood. He has ten shards stuck in his back. When they pull them out of him he screams and becomes conscious yet without much oxygen in his system he is pretty loony. The crew hooks up more O's for Nestor on their descent down. Unfortunately, Ethan doesn't have enough oxygen and power to make it down on his own so Sammi, Dominic, and Tilt carry him down the steep mountain using Perry's intricate ropeworks. On there way down they face problems supporting the other two and escape sudden death multiple times.
Falling Action
The crew realizes that they won't be able to make it down the final stretch of the mountain much less support two others. Dominic decides to pull off an amazing move by sliding down the mountain heroically with Nestor dragging behind with Dominic's pull. Lands on his back in the snow but after a few minutes medical staff arrives to get Nestor and Dominic gets up under his own strength easily although he shouldn't have. The rest of the crew slowly descends down as Cap meets Dominic under the mountain. Cap tells Dominic that tens of amazing climbers have tried the move he just attempted and have died or been seriously injured and he doesn't know what to think. Proudly they head back to Camp 1.
In the end of his heroics Dominic finds himself waiting every day, looking at the sky, hoping for a weather window so he can climb Everest for reals. Everest Book Three will tell if he gets to or not. Can he break the record, and will Tilt get caught with his act.
The Height of Danger.
The Height of Competition.
The Height of the World.
Everest Book Two
Everest. The ultimate climb. The greatest of risks. Four kids are on a quest to reach the top. But their ascent is not easy. Then the unexpected happens, and the climbing contest becomes a life or death rescue mission. No one is guaranteed to survive.
(Everest Book Two Description)
Swindle Series
All New York Times Bestsellers
39 Clues: One False Note and The Emperors Code and one of the four Vespers Rising Authors
New York Times Bestsellers
Island Trilogy
Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire
Everest Trilogy
Other books by Gordon Korman
Gordon Korman Facts
Korman is a Canadian Author
Gordon Korman currently lives in New York City
Korman published his first book when he was 14 and he had written and published five books by the time he graduated high school
Korman got his education at New York University and studied film and film writing
Korman was born on October 23, 1963 in Montreal Canada and is currently 50 years old as of March 2014
Favorite Quote
"I hope you know what your doing. You're still way short." Sammi talking to Dominic on the mountain. This quote by Sammi, shows her craziness and scatterbrained humor, along with how small Dominic is compared to everyone else. It shows how Dominic needs to prove himself to a new person all the time that he belongs on the summit.
Overall 4 out of 5 stars
I have read better books and worse but this was a solid 4. I love the competition in the Everest Camp and the personalities that Gordon Korman creates in the climbers. The book also isn't too long at a solid 151 pages and wasn't extremely hard to read. I can't wait to get the final book of the trilogy to find if Tilt will ever get caught and if the team can ever summit Everest. I recommend this book along with others by Gordon Korman.
Reading Level
Lexile Level 710
Grade Level Equivalent 4.5
Perfect Challenge for ages 8,9, and 10
Thank you for allowing me to present to you my Book Chat Report on Everest: The Climb
by John Mason
Presented to you by John Mason
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