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MATRA project

No description

Olya Bazueva

on 27 October 2012

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Transcript of MATRA project

CIVIL ORGANISATIONS SERVING SOCIETY: youth actions against racism, nationalism and xenophobia and for Human Rights and inter-cultural dialogue High level of violent culture What is the problem we're facing? General indifference Lack of alternative examples
of positive actions Bad connections between different actors Insufficient qualification of actors How do we want to solve them? To enhance the promotion of tolerance, equal opportunities and inter-cultural dialogue Strengthen the involvement of young people into anti-racist activities To inspire different actors to further develop their joint work Target of the project: 1 2 3 4 To decrease the level of youth violence and xenophobia To strengthen and to empower Russian youth-, Human Rights-, Ethnic- and Civil Society- NGOs
in counteracting racism, xenophobia and hatred.

Therefore the project intends to increase the professional level of civil society activists. Main
Activities 14 seminars
3 training courses Internships Education Campaigns Networking Advocacy apr. 500 participants
in 6 cities Participation of activists in international events Воронеж Мурманск Москва Назрань Санкт-Петербург 30 activists made their internships
in 7 organizations
in 4 cities 18 foreign trips Ukraine Germany Georgia European-Wide Campaigns Week Against Racism International Day Against Fascism and Antisemitism 15 local groups involved 2010 2011 2012 2010 2011 2012 10 local groups involved Regional Campaigns 24 events were held in more than 22 cities We supported 26 Campaigns in atleast 15 cities Groznyi - lesson for schoolchildren Komsomolsk - Ucraine - action agaist racism
with football team Gornyak Komsomolsk - Ucraine - Human Library Murmansk - "Clean up the walls from hatred" Voronezh - street action Murmansk - counter-picket openly nazi "Russian March" Белгород Italy France Poland Conference «Free2create» International event “Space for Interreligious Dialogue” Training course "Are you ready for peace?" International course "How to teach Holocaust at schools" Training cource on E-learning in intercultiral informal education To learn To act To protect To cooperate You still can join it! St.-Petersburg - Human Rights Film festival “May 32” Solidarity Voronezh With international student Boris Desten With human rights activist Anastasia Denisova And other help... The book "Human Rights Defender" you can see right now on the conference Sunday shcool of Human Rights with Murmansk - photo project "No one is illegal"
author and photographer Andrew Trefilov and 3 study-visits "В целом визит произвел на меня большое впечатление. С одной стороны все, что мы увидели в Голландии кажется совершенно невозможным и неприменимым в условиях России. В то же время активисты общественных организаций, которые мы посетили, дали понять, что та ситуация, которую мы сегодня наблюдаем в Голландии, реализовалась не за один день. Они тоже начинали с маленьких шагов несколько десятилетий назад. " Максим Лобанов: 3 international
network conferences You are on the last of them! Participation of 66 Russian activists in
6 UNITED conferences Discuss the following themes Antidiscrimination policy How to talk with Youth about complicated things Using of New media and antifascism Prospects and challenges in antiracist education ... and others Antidiscriminition legislation Participated in different activities where it is told about their positions at the Russian and international events to authorities, experts, NGOs Results: Translation and promotion the manual “Baustein” Every second intern now working in different NGO Appearance of the Sunday School in Sakharov human rights center ... and other results Results: OSCE experience in hate crime became available for Russian activists Mobilization tens of Russian local groups on joint action Development of materials that are used not only in campaigns Interregional common response to the problem Results: Development the thematic networks of YHRM, network YHRI and United Cooperation with the Anne Frank House and a minority rights group Dissemination methodologies of "Respect" and Human Library Results: Assistance in building the LGBT work strategy To contribute the anti-discrimination policy to be on focus Framing of a common agenda Results of the project: It's
all of you
here! More than 500 new addresses in the Address Book Development of Human Library community Popularity of the non-violent anti-racist initiatives among youth subcultures Change the focus of state policy Thank you
for your attention! Anastasia Nikitina and Olga Bazueva
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