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Culture presentation

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kyeling low

on 16 March 2015

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Transcript of Culture presentation

Mandarin is spoken among the:
- Han majority
- Other ethnic groups in China
- Hong Kong
- Macau
- Taiwan
- Malaysia
- Singapore

Around 16% of the world's population speak some form of Chinese as their first language.

Common dialects:
- Wu
- Cantonese
- Min

All varieties of Chinese are tonal and analytic.

What are some factors that teachers might need to consider when teaching students who have recently arrived to Australia from this country?

• Rote learning may impact on their social skills
• Avoid direct eye-contact
• Fear of ‘losing face’ (humiliation is the worst)
• Communicating styles between Asian and western cultures as follows:

Indirect Direct
Implicit, nonverbal Explicit, verbal
Formal Informal
Goal oriented Spontaneous
Emotionally controlled Emotionally expressive
Self-effacing, modest Self-promoting, egocentric

What are some characteristics of the primary schooling system?

- rote learning

- parents, teachers, older people are highly respected
What might speakers of that language find difficult when learning English?


Common vowel problems

Common consonant problems

Final consonants
ship/ sheep V words- invite,live duck- ducke
full/fool/ N words: night, light wife- wifu
shot/short Th sound: thin- fin, This- dis/zis
peep/ pip Z sound: rise- rice
L and R sound: fried rice/ flied lice
Adding a vowel
spoon- sipoon
dogs- dogez
crips- krisipu

Chinese: changes meanings of words but sentence intonation
English: changes throughout the sentence

Common spelling errors:
Spelling conventions are not applied - diner/dinner; eliminat/eliminate;
Mistakes from incorrect pronunciation - aroud/around swallen/swollen;
Omission of syllables - studing/studying determing/determining.


- Oldest living logographic writing system in the modern world

- One of the major symbols that represent the richness and depth of Chinese culture and history.

- Style of writing:

- Change of Chinese characters from traditional characters to simplified characters

Traditional character:

Simplified character:

- Pinyin

Countries that still use traditional script:
- Taiwan
- Hong Kong

Countries that use simplified script:
- China
- Malaysia
- Singapore

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