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unit 2 lesson 5

No description

erika steinger

on 24 September 2014

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Transcript of unit 2 lesson 5

unit 2 lesson 6
A type of phrase that is formed from a verb (be careful- it does not function as a verb!)

Three different types:
Gerund Phrases
Participal Phrases
Infinitive Phrases
Gerund Phrases
Phrases that begin with a verb that is acting as a noun
Implement that knowledge!
Participial vs. Gerund
Get your Springboard book

Copy down the EQs

Pimp that ride! Add an adjective, adverb, and appositive to the sentence below.

The girl danced.

Infinitive Phrase
A phrase using the infinitive form (most basic/original) of a word, in addition to any complements or modifiers

He taught his squad how to dance the shmoney.
When he heard the boy say 9+10=21, he wanted to say "you stupid."
Because the teacher was harping on him, the student felt the need to jump out of his seat and leave the room.
Phrases are groups of words

Missing either a subject or a verb

Function as a single part of speech.
Participial Phrase
Verb + ing acting as a noun
Dancing in the club is lit.

Going to school is the best.
phrase that begins with a verb ending in -ed or -ing

always serve as adjectives by adding descriptions of the subject/noun

Waking to the sound of his alarm clock, Freddy felt tight because it was Monday again.
Clogged with dog hair, the pipe drained slowly.
Gerund phrases function as nouns, while participial phrases function as adjectives (that modify nouns)

Participial phrases could begin with a verb+-ed or verb +-ing
Read the sentences on the worksheet, then identify the phrases as gerund, participial, or infinitive
Underline the phrase
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