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Investigatory Project in Biology

seaweed chips

Nicole Gile

on 15 January 2013

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Transcript of Investigatory Project in Biology

a. Background of the study Recommendations We used different methods in cooking these chips. We cooked some in the microwave while some in the oven. We only spent 30 seconds – 1 minute cooking the nori sheets in the microwave while 10-15 minutes in the oven. After we took out the chips from the different cooking methods that we did, we noticed that the chips which are from the microwave are still in a straight position while in the chips that are from the oven curled up which is the result that we want and need to see. Both are successful but we recommend cooking it in the oven because we have observed that the nori chips are crispier and tastier because of the people’s comments and their reactions. We also recommend you to brush the nori chips with sesame oil before you eat because it adds to the flavor and to the taste. Lastly we also recommend that before you use other kind of seaweeds, make sure that it does have a liquid inside it or it is not watery because it will not allow you to make successful chips. Group 5
7 Maiza Concepcion
8 Divine"Crisse"de Guzman
19 Nicole Mae Gile
20 Irish Jamandron
31 Consuelo Quinones
32 Francheska Reyes Review of the Related Literature
The review of the study focuses to other studies and projects about Seaweed Chips. Facts were gathered from the internet as references in order for the researchers to be guided for the needed information about their experiment. According to the researchers of this project titled The Feasibility of Seaweed (Eucheuma cottonii) Chips as a Nutritional snack food, from the nutritional tests they learned that the seaweed samples have minimal amounts of fat and protein but are rich in carbohydrates. Also, seaweed chips are feasible as a carbohydrate-and iodine-rich nutritional snack food. They conclude that the seaweed chip is feasible as a carbohydrate-iodine rich nutritional snack food. It is stated in an article in the website site of livestrong.com, seaweeds are not as common as chips and candies, but eating seaweeds offer nutritional benefits, particularly if you’re dieting. If you eat seaweed snacks instead of potato chips, you'll reduce your calorie and sodium intake. You can get many benefits from it like seaweed chips contain very low calorie, so seaweed chips fit into a diet especially nowadays that teenagers are really conscious about their body weight and also it is also good to eat seaweed chips because eating seaweeds help you avoid some nutritional pitfalls of candy because seaweeds are sugar-free. Moreover, eating seaweeds provide you with Vitamin C that helps your body heal wounds and maintains teeth, bones and cartilage. Methodology Investigatory Project "Seaweed Chips as a Nutritional Snack Food" INTRODUCTION The researchers chose this study so that people nowadays will eat nutritious chips than eating junk foods that only do nothing good but harm in their body. So the researchers conducted this kind of study for them to be able to know if Nori and Lato seaweed chips can attract a person’s appetite because most people nowadays were not fond on eating seaweeds. Seaweed refers to the large marine algae that grow almost exclusively in the shallow waters at the edge of the world's oceans. Seaweeds are very nutritional food because they absorb the nutrients that they require from the surrounding water. Seaweeds are aid to physical ailments on both human and animals and it is also a new weapon in the constant battle against obesity, diabetes, and bowel cancer.
Generally, when people look at seaweed, they do not view it as food because it doesn't appeal to their senses. Nori are dried laver seaweed pressed into thin sheets and used especially as a seasoning or as a wrapper for sushi while Lato has grape-like structure that is robust, crispy, watery, and slimy. Both are a good source of iron, iodine, calcium, and vitamins. The purpose of this study is to promote seaweed chips to adults and children for them to have a chip that is nutritional in their regular diet. b.Statement of the Problem CHAPTER 1 The researchers want to know if seaweed chips is a sure hit to the people nowadays for them to eat and the researchers aim to encourage people to enjoy their eating of chips with a knowing that it is good to their health. This study aims to help lot of people nowadays because instead of eating junk foods they will eat nutritious seaweed chips. The study addressed the following specific questions:
1.Does the taste of the seaweed chips get the people’s approval?
2.Does the vitamins and minerals of the seaweeds were still present in seaweed chips? c.Significance of the Study This study will help the researchers to determine if Nori and Lato seaweeds chips will gain people’s attention to eat it. It will also help the people to realize how this seaweed chips is good to their health. The importance of this study is to provide the people a nutritious snack that they could eat every day. This study will also promote awareness to the people to the kind of foods they are eating and the nutrients they can get from what they are eating. The researchers aim to make the people eat nutritious snack than to eat junk foods because through this study they may enjoy eating snacks knowing that it is healthy for their body. d.Scope and Limitations This study focuses only on the effects of eating nutritious seaweed chips despite of their unhealthy diet. This study will focuses only to Nori and Lato seaweeds as seaweeds chips. This is to determine if this experiment can make the people eat nutritious snack than to those junk foods. This study does not involve comparison between the seaweed chips and the commercially chips. It does not involve comparison between Nori and Lato seaweeds as seaweed chips. CHAPTER 2 A.Hypothesis We as the researchers of this investigatory project, think that it will get the people’s approval because if it is as salty as the usual chips or snacks that they usually buy in the supermarkets, they would like it because it is what they were used to in eating the usual chips. It will become appealing to their eyes because of it unique color green of it.
The vitamins and the minerals of the seaweeds will not be present any longer because it will be burned by the heat of the oven. B. Definition of Terms 1.Nori or Lato Seaweeds - the main ingredient that will replace the junk foods that the people eating nowadays into a nutritious snack food.

2.Obesity, diabetes, and bowel cancer - the diseases that can be get from all the unhealthy junk foods that are very common snack to the adults and children.

3.Nutritious Chips - chips that contain different nutrients that a person can really benefit from it.

4.Diet - the food or drink that is consumed by a person.

5.Unhealthy Diet - the foods or drinks that are consumed by a person who is not healthy or can harm his/her health.

6.Junk foods - chips that is not healthy which do not contains any nutrients and only do harm to a person's body. CHAPTER 3 A.Materials The materials that you needed for cooking the seaweed chips are
oven/microwave oven
tray or cookie sheet
B.Procedure Experimental Variable: To make the seaweed chips you’ll need one pack of Nori Sheets or Lato seaweeds, a sea salt and sesame oil. The first you need to do is to preheat the oven to 250 degrees. Lay a sheet of nori on a cutting board. Fold the sheet in half and brush with sesame oil only the half part of it. Sprinkle the nori with sea salt and then fold it again into half. Use a very sharp knife to cut the nori sheets into strips. Transfer the strips to a tray or a cookie sheet. Bake them for about 15 to 20 minutes. It will crisp and turn to a dark, glossy green. When the chips are done, let them cool and then it is ready to serve. Control Variable: You may cook this before snack time for healthier food benefit than other snack. Be sure to cook this properly in a clean place for you to be sure that it is safe. Independent Variable: The seaweeds are the independent variable, it could be nori or lato. For you to know what’s better, you should try to make two batches of seaweed chips. One batch using lato and the other one is using nori seaweeds. Dependent Variable: The dependent variable is the response of the people to the seaweed chips if it will hit their tastes and if it. CHAPTER 4 Results and Discussion A.Findings B.Analysis of Data CHAPTER 5 Conclusions As the researchers of this investigatory project, we therefore conclude that nori seaweeds are a better choice to make seaweed chips. It looks appealing to the eyes and people really enjoyed eating the nori seaweed chips that we made. It is very affordable and easy to make. Not only that, these nori seaweed chips are healthier than the chips that we usually buy at any groceries or supermarkets.
Based on our preparation and cooking time for these chips, nori seaweed chips can be made in no time. It's very fast and parents could also prepare these chips with their kids, so that they'll be able to learn how to eat healthy foods while they are still young. A healthy snack chips like this deserves a try! Nori seaweed chips is affordable, easy and healthy. CHAPTER 6 Sources:
Thank You for listening! people who likes nori or lato seaweed chips 36 people who don't like nori or
lato seaweed chips 04 Nori or Lato seaweed chips Taste Texture Smell it taste is like the sea
and a raw or stinky fish its texture is smooth
it smell's like a
raw fish The result of the project revealed that most people likes to eat chips made from nori or lato seaweed.It can encourage people, especially those who have an unhealthy diet,to eat this seaweed chips.It can also be a source of nutrient such as protein,iodine,calcium and fiber. For better results, one should try to eat the seaweed chips and encourage other to try eating seaweed chips.
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