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China OGX Information Session - Recruitment Fall 2012

This Prezi will be used in the information session used to recruit new members to teach them basic info about @ & @AZ

AIESEC Arizona State

on 15 September 2012

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Transcript of China OGX Information Session - Recruitment Fall 2012

Internships In 2011, AIESEC realized 20,000 exchanges! The numerous countries in our network offer internships in many different fields that provide a truly immersive experience. Kevin worked in Brazil in the summer of 2010, writing grant proposals for a Brazilian non-profit before becoming the President of AIESEC Arizona State! Aubrie spent her summer teaching English in Ghana and interning at an NGO, working to improve the lives of children in the local community. Welcome! AIESEC Arizona State
Information Session
Fall 2012 What is
AIESEC? AIESEC is the world's premier organization for students to create international impact at the local level. 1948 AIESEC
The Acronym AIESEC Today! 20,000
International Exchanges 110 countries 60,000 AIESECers Our mission Peace and fulfillment of humankind's potential Lila, Louise, and Andres (on the left) are AIESECers from Poland, Scotland, and Argentina who came to Phoenix to work for American companies. Opportunities in AIESEC Application and
Selection Process http://www.aieseconline.net/ Online Application Priority Deadline: Weds, September 28th Induction Saturday, October 6th Interviews Friday, October 5th Questions? GCDP Teaching
Community Development
HIV/AIDS Education GIP Finance
Entrepreneurship Email: internships.arizona@aiesecus.org Outgoing Prep. Seminar Sunday, December 2nd Both are mandatory! Final Deadline: Weds, October 3rd What does it cost? There is a $150 initial application fee for all internship types. However, if you do not find an internship one month before your preferred internship start date, and you meet the requirements, we will refund you $75. GCDP: Additional $350 ($500 total) GIP: Additional $600 ($750 total) What do you get? Free health insurance
Local network
A free place to live or a stipend to pay for a place to live
A great internship! (paid/unpaid) Contests! China The Food Chinese History Foreign business development
Problem solve with the CEO!
Help the company broaden sales coverage and increase sales and brand influence
Communicate with the company's worldwide subsidiaries Historical Tourist Locations 8 types of cuisine
region 5000 years
Regional Diversity Work with a local NGO who supports migrant workers and their families
Teach English to NGO staff
Plan projects for migrant workers and children First person to match to an internship: Internship fee paid!

Second and third person to match: Application fee paid!
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