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GET team for SLT

No description

Tom Allen

on 14 September 2012

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Transcript of GET team for SLT

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli Intros and plans (the story so far) Global Engagement Team 1. Soren Warburg and Casper Knudsen – Activista Coordinators
2. Chris Coxon – Communications for Campaigning
3. Agnes Hall – Digital Campaigning
4. Tom Allen – Global Engagement Manager Who are the GET? 1. Build capability
2. Support the recruitment of 5m supporters
3. Support the recruitment of 1.5m youth in solidarity
(4. Improve AA collaborations) Priorities 1. Other MobLabs
2. Pilot projects
3. Training
4. Transactions system
5. Consolidate knowledge
+ Online engagement (SM) Situation & Opportunities 1. Country targets
2. Partnerships w/ other supporter orgs
+ Best practice (manifesto, social media) 5 Million Supporters Welcome to London Digital Campaigning - SMS 'Land is Life', memes
Activista - Gambia/UK fundraiser
Campaign Comms - skills audit & training, reports The story so far... ActionAid needs the mandate to become a 'social' / 'human' organisation We want YOU! Remember the three C's
1. Conversations
2. Connections
3. Co-creation
And most of all that it's all about PEOPLE Official account
18,000 Spoof account
(and hopefully your engagement!) "Twitter posts are the leading source of discussion about the quake..."

- Quote from Nielson, the media analysis organisation's assessment in the aftermath of the Haiti earthquake. "The Zapatista Effect"
The www was a key element in the Zapatista land rights / autonomy rebellion of 1994, coming into its own in 1995. As the Mexican govt were mounting forces to crush the movement, being able to get communiques out and posted to the web brought global attention and mass protests in support of their struggle. 2009: The #iranelection protests were coordinated on the fly using Twitter

2011: The Arab Spring began in Egypt #Jan25, after months of discussions (including many on social media). One of the first things leaders tried to do was shutdown broadband

In Egypt, they setup HarassMap online for the same reasons.

It's easier to find people sympathetic to your cause if you're suddenly allowed to connect with them In June Greenpeace launched their Shell Arctic campaign, encouraging their supporters to make spoof Shell adverts and share on social media (primarily Twitter)
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