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What is Drake P3?

No description

Geraldine Tay

on 18 July 2016

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Transcript of What is Drake P3?

P3 stands for Predictive Performance Profiling

A psychometric behavioural assessment tool which adds a scientific advantage to human resource management.

User-friendly 10 minutes online survey

Accurate and reliable
What is Drake P3?
Selection Expert ™
Identifies the personality traits of individuals through the Communication Profile and behavioral tendencies linked with effective performance in the Job Profile

Team Expert ™
A high-tech tool box to maximize a team's effectiveness through enhanced cooperation and understanding among team members

Management Expert ™
Open and enhance lines of communication, resolve conflict more effectively, build more productive teams, and motivate people to achieve their potential

Performance Expert ™
Designed to eliminate the bias and subjectivity associated with traditional performance reviews

What can it do?
What it looks like
Provide credibility to your training by providing a scientifically proven behavioural assessment
Be synonym with Drake's brand
Ability to understand the product by getting trained to interpret the data
Understand your clients before even speaking to them
Why Be our Associate
Oh by the way, we are one of the longest standing Talent Management firms!

Born in Canada in 1951, Drake now has more than 80 offices worldwide!
Drake International
*Not the real Nicole!
Durrah Hamdan
Client Relationship Manager,
Talent Management Solutions

Drake International (S) Ltd
78 Shenton Way
#08-03 AIG Building
Singapore 079120

Tel: (65) 6225 5809
DID: (65) 6645 4567
Mob: (65) 9011 0429
Fax: (65) 6227 0071

Find out more today!
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