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The Air Car

An air car is a vehicle that runs on compressed air as its source of energy.

Victoria Mucciacciaro

on 9 October 2012

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Transcript of The Air Car

By: Victoria Mucciacciaro The Air Car Timeline Today's Market Environmental Citations Why Compressed Air? Development Introduction The air car is a new way to look at alternative fuel for cars. The idea to this innovation is to make a vehicle that runs on compressed air. The goal is to make it fit with today's economy, and be more affordable. There have been past alterations to air powered vehicle inventions such as a train car and other transport locomotives. New technologies have came about in recent years, and more ideas for new alterations to various inventions have been mentioned, or even attempted. One of the main reasons compressed air is a good choice for alternative fuel is that it is more affordable than gas. Even though some models might include gas being used for a low amount of miles, it is still less than gas being used all the time. Another reason is that air is very abundant, so its sources won't be running out any time soon. Air is also non-flammable, so that helps make the new vehicles more safe. There will also be less manufacturing costs for the making of the vehicles, and less maintenance costs when the car is in use. Another reason is the compressed air motors have a longer lifespan when compared with cars that have batteries. These are all reasons, including many more, that innovators of the 21st century have been working to create an invention fit for our economic needs. Another very important aspect that needs to be included is the cost. This includes the cost of making the vehicles, distributing them, and the cost that comes with their use. This topic needs to be watched as the design and manufacturing processes move forward. People all over the world have been suffering from economic hardships, but it has been especially bad in our economy over the past few years. Our country, as well as many others, will need new products that are more affordable and reliable. That's why engineers for this innovation are working towards making a new vehicle that runs more affordable (the air compressed engine) and more reliable (high level of performance and safety). The environment also plays a very key role in the making of new products. Pollution is an issue all over the world, but especially in cities. One way to help this problem is to use an alternative fuel that is non-polluting. Air is a great choice for a reliable, abundant source of alternative energy. It's found all over the world, and is less expensive than gasoline and other fuels that have been used for motor-engines. The designs for the air car have simple motors, therefore using less materials than other engines. An example of air energy storage could be power plants for compressed energy, The air energy is stored underground after a surplus of electricity, therefore recycling that electricity and not wasting it. Air is a very economical energy source, so it is a great way to get less expensive alternative energy. The idea of using compressed air is not a new idea. The first ideas started to come out around the end of the 19th century. These first invention ideas mainly had to do with train cars, and then later street cars. Most of the early inventions never made it to the market, or even manufacturing. They were left as ideas for future generations to build on. One of the earliest recorded inventions (not marketed) was a air-powered car tested on a track. Andraud and Tessie, two Frenchmen, created this idea. It worked well but they didn't pursue their idea any further. Many inventions were like this and did not get finished. This, however, led to new ideas and new innovations, eventually leading up to ones like the air car of the 21st century. 1840 1880 cars running on test tracks engine for a street transit 1900's automobile that starts off with gasoline, then turns to air first fuel-less automobile air powered locomotives in coal mines most ideas during this time were not patented compressed air motors for transport are being worked on to be patented in future years 2000-present
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