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Where I am From

No description

Ariana Rivera

on 3 December 2015

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Transcript of Where I am From

Running into a wall as a small child and leaving a crack in it.
Getting a face full of trampoline springs.
Falling up the stairs.
I am from being incredibly accident prone.
Playing a game in which my socks were stretched so much i ended throwing them away
I am from the church where I have gained many strange memories.
I am from
the most messed up slumber parties on Earth.
By: Ariana Rivera
I am from awesome and weird experiences
I am from Percy Jackson
I am from Prussia
I am from Attack on Titan.
I am from the Disney Cruise.
I am from a detail-oriented father. (Edelmiro Rivera)
I am from Universal Studios, Florida.
I am from Tennessee.
I am from Wolf Park.
I am from Barnum and Bailey's Circus.
I am from pumpkin carving on Halloween.
I am from a limousine.
I am from Wisconsin Dells.
I am from many Fandoms.

I am from the memories that make me who I am.
Doing human pyramids at 4 in the morning.
"Sharpie-ing" each other.
Chasing my friends around with a baseball bat when they annoyed me.
Having fun with static electricity
Pretending to be the Awesome/Bad Friends Trio from Hetalia
Breaking into song during random parts of the day
The Percy Jackson series was my first fandom
The first book series I ever really paid attention to.
It made me start reading more and got me into Greek Mythology
I am from a younger brother who can be okay when he wants to be. (Alex Rivera)
My first cosplay
Favorite Hetalia character
Taught me how to be AWESOME
Where I am From
Playing human pictionary
Jumping over each other
Watching Teen Titans when we have nothing else to do
Staying up until 1 in the morning
Trying not to annoy our parents
The plot is incredibly dark.
The main character is obsessed with a nearly impossible idea.
My favorite character goes through emotional trauma.
Meeting a dozen Disney characters.
Swimming in an awesome pool.
Seeing an awesome miniature version of the ship on the ship
I come from an incredibly outgoing and 'eccentric' mother. (Julie Rivera)
She works at 2 jobs.
She's on the Cedar Lake Town Council.
She likes to rap, which to me is quite terrifying.
He loves music.
He loves art.
He plays the drums and guitar.
The dragon on Gringotts Bank in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.
Dr. Suess's world.
Gregoravitch wand shop.
The kitchenette in our cabin.
A shark from the tunnel in an aquarium.
Video game system in my brother and I's shared room.
It was freezing cold!
A wolf walking away from the alpha.
The alpha having first dibs on lunch.
Also known as The Greatest Show on Earth.
My brother and I both got souvenirs
There were elephants, tigers, and 'dragons'.
I love messing with my little brother.
My family and I went to my mom's friend's house.
My dad helped me carve out an awesome-looking pumpkin!
On our way to and from the airport, my grandparents rented my family and I a limousine.
My brother and I had agreed to get along for once.
My mom and dad had champagne, and my brother and I had Coke.
In November my parents took us to Wisconsin Dells.
I was finally able to get my dad to go on water slides.
My brother and I hardly argued, which is rare.
All of them have had an effect on my life in some way.
They will always be important to me.
They help me get creative with my thoughts, school-work, and home-life.
There will always be many fandoms in my life.
My family will always be a part of me.
Music will always have an impact in my life
I am from my friends.
They help me get creative with party ideas.
I annoy them and they annoy me.
They help me understand the world more.
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