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Purpose of LinkedIn

No description

Amy Patel

on 30 October 2013

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Transcript of Purpose of LinkedIn

Advanced LinkedIn Features
people actually look at this
give & ask for solid recommendations
quality over quantity
timing is key
Skills & Expertise
quality over quantity
people will endorse you via LinkedIn's endorsement prompts
Beyond LinkedIn
Talk to career advisers
Share your profile with classmates & ask for feedback
Leverage existing network outside of school
Informational interviews with alumni, 2nd years & industry professionals
How to Connect with People & Groups
Add connections through your email
Network > Add Connections
Add everyone that you know, including family & friends
People You May Know
Share your LinkedIn profile on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.
Add URL to e-mail signature
Interests > Groups
Add past, present & future interests and industries
Build Your Profile
Clear & up-to-date
Profile Picture
Smile, straight profile, shoulders up only
Why should people be interested in you?
Concise past experience descriptions
Highlight key accomplishments
Customized URL
Make your profile public - no downside
Purpose of LinkedIn
Professional Networking: the act of building and maintaining a group of contacts to help advance your career
Target Audience: affluent professionals from all over the world including job seekers & professionals looking to create and maintain a strong network
How to Effectively Utilize LinkedIn
New "LinkedIn Contacts" allows you to keeps notes & follow-up instructions for your connections
Contact > Send a Message > Share Profile
this enables you to virtually network and introduce people to each other (don't abuse)
If you decide to share updates on LinkedIn they MUST be professional!!
good to share news articles
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