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The Legend of Zelda


Daniela Rodriguez

on 7 November 2013

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Transcript of The Legend of Zelda

The Legend of Zelda
The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords
In this game all four Links go on a qest to stop an evil wind mage named vaati who was freed from a prison and wanted to destroy hyrule.
The Legend of Zelda

The Legend of
This game was created by Shigeru Miyamoto and published by Nintendo. In This small kingdom called Hyrule the main characters are Link, Zelda, Link's fairy companion Navi, and the evil vilan Ganon. Link has to face enemies and collect the eight fragments of the triforce on the way to save princess Zelda from ganon. The first consoles to play the game on was GameCube, and Game Boy Advance
The Legend of Zelda
In this game the player controls Link from a flip-screen overhead perspective as he travels in the overworld, a large outdoor map with different environments.Ganon wants to rule hyrule so he kidnaps princess Zelda and hides the pieces of the triforce. Link now must go through each of the first eight dungeons to obtain all eight pieces of the Triforce of Wisdom and save Zelda.
Timelines and sources
The second game in The Legend of Zelda series, it was developed and published by Nintendo for the Family Computer Disk System on January 14, 1987, less than a year after the original Legend of Zelda video game was released. After Ganon was destroyed, impa told Link a pricess was cast under a sleeping spell and he has to collect the triforce of courage in order to awaken her.
The Adveture of LInk
A Link to the Past
A Link to the Past is the third game in the The Legend of Zelda series. It introduced the concept of two different worlds (one dark, one light), which was revisited to an extent in its console successor Ocarina of Time with two time periods rather than dark and light worlds. A Link to the Past was re-released in 2002, on the Game Boy Advance system.
Link's Awakening
Link's Awakening is the fourth game in the series, In this game Link was on a ship that crashed into an island where a girl who has a striking resemblance to Zelda, finds him and nurishes him back to health. Link learns that the only way to leave the island is to wake the wind fish inside an egg on top of the highest mountain. however Link's freedom ultimately came at a high price. The island was but a dream of the wind fish and awakening the creature would make the island disapear forever.
The Legend of Zela
Ocarina of Time
The Legend of Zelda
Majora's Mask
Ocarina of Time, the first Zelda game made for the Nintendo 64, it's the fifth game in The Legend of Zelda. In this game three godesses created hyrule and when they departed the left the sacred triforce that could grant ones wishes and was hidden in the sacred relm. Ganon takes the triforce and link must stop him with the help of Zelda, But their actions triggored an unintentional term of events that caused the downfall of hyrule. Later link got the courage to travel between two time periods to awaken 7 sages that have the strength to defeat ganon once and for all. In the end zelda sends him to his orginal time period, which takes him all the back to the begining of the game
2 years later nintendo released second game for the nintendo 64 called majora's mask. It shows link years later after ocarina of time, link was drawn in a ulternate demension called termina. The strange world was being terrized by the skull kid from ocarina of time who had stolen a mask granting him incredible powers. Link only has three days to stop majora's mask itself from crashing the moon down to the surface.
The Legend of Zelda
Twilight Princess
Twilight Princess takes place one century after Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask, and begins with a youth named Link who is working as a ranch hand in Ordon Village. One day, the village is attacked by Bokoblins, who carry off the village’s children with Link in pursuit before he encounters a wall of Twilight. A Shadow Beast pulls him beyond the wall into the Realm of Twilight, where he is transformed into a wolf and imprisoned.
Link was investegating the triforce of hyrule castle one day when he was taken away the distant lands of holodrum and labrena. Evil forces romed each land. Linnk had restore order before they completly fell into kaos. Ganon's followers used the term oil to their advantage and tried to revive their fallen master. Link finally unifies the triforce.
The Legend of Zelda
Wind Waker
In 2003 Nintendo released "The Wind Waker". The setting took place years later after Ocarina of Time. In the begining of the game it told the tail of the downfall of the kingdom, hyrule and the return of Ganon. Rather to let their proud lands fall into the hands of evil the gods decided to submerge it in a great flood. Later Ganon got a hold of the triforce and broke free from his prison below the waves and now he wants to unify the triforce and make his wishes come true. In the end link gets the triforce, and it washes away hyrule.
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