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eFactor Conference: DigiDesk Fixing the System

DigiDesk Student E-Learning Advisors, present at a JISC E-Factor Conference for E-Learning professionals. DigiDesk Advisors talk about their experiences of working in a Social Enterprise 'Learning Company' at Barnet & Southgate College.

Angela Rideau

on 10 June 2014

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Transcript of eFactor Conference: DigiDesk Fixing the System

Who are we and how did we get here?
Things we have done...
What people said after their training sessions. . .
Ask us about...
Our team
Staff Training Sessions
large teams, small workshops and 1:2:1

MAC basics,
Using Prezi,
Organising your Moodle course

Video recordings using iPads to record student views

Creating guides e.g. how to use the printer

Teacher access to edit own Moodle course

Application --- Interview --- Selection

Our skills

Training on customer service, helpdesk software, safeguarding, eLearning tools

Work shifts
1 day a week 9am - 5pm OR 2 half days

Personalised Staff DigiDesk Lanyards

free service
since Monday 4th November, 2013
in an LRC near you
What is the DigiDesk?
Google Communities & Helpdesk
How we work
Social Enterprise - non-profit business

Learning Company - Work
experience placement, we learn as we

Based in our Wood Street LRC

We are staff members

Benefits to us and staff
other students

DigiDesk eBasics Helpdesk
Deltion College in the Netherlands had a DigiDesk
Staff have Google+ Profiles
Helpdesk queries and logs
What our LRC staff said about us...
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