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personal devices

No description

bob the builder

on 14 April 2014

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Transcript of personal devices

Personal Devices Yes or No???
The school does not have to pay for the personal devices.
A students needs technology at school because they get hands-on-learning and they understand what they are doing. Hundreds of millions of dollars have been spent on trying to put an electronic devices in a United States classroom.
1.The school devices block a lot of websites that we may need, so on your personal devices you have a wider variety of websites.
A student who owns a personal device normally spends time, thought and energy in personalizing the device in setting it up to organize thing like communication and learning. As a result, the student is typically quite proficient with the device and will use it anytime and anywhere to learn. Such devices, in the hands of every student afford endless learning opportunities.
Preparing for the Future.
Why students should have Personal Devices
A student should have their own personal device because they know their way around them. Then the teachers don't have to spend time teaching the students how use the devices. Then can get to the learning quicker.
The reality is that web-based tools and resources have changed the view of learning. Students now have unlimited access to digital content, resources, experts, database and communities of interest. The devices not only create opportunity for students to learn, but they can also develop digital learning, literacy, fluency and citizenship in students. That will prepare them for the high tech world in which they live, learn and work.
Here are some examples of personal devices.
Technology is the new future.
Most personal devices are more expensive, but they're more likely to work better for the students.
Bring your own device (BYOD) refers to technology models where students bring a personally owned device to school for the purpose of learning
Personal Devices
Yes, personal devices are better for our students because they will keep them on task and also help them get to the learning faster.
*Fun Facts*
2.When using the school tablets you can’t just work you are going to run into problem.

If a school device is messing up they have to leave the room and go to a different teacher which takes away their learning time with that teacher.
If you drop or break your personal device your parents most likely have insurance and can get it fixed.
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