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Every Dollar counts

KYP Presentation 24/11/15 PB

Accessble IT

on 12 January 2016

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Transcript of Every Dollar counts

Where are We at?
2014-2015 EMS Budget was over spent in total of $638,921.00.
2015-2016 EMS Budget for the first quarter was over spent by $698,994.00.
Key message is that
need to work differently
- accessable, Enable, EMS Assessors, Team Leaders and Managers, Suppliers and MoH eligible Clients and Whanau
accessable is working on....
Working parties with EMS Assessors, DHB Leaders and Suppliers with regards to a new procurement focus for Band 1, Band 2 equipment solutions
Moderation and Auditing of Service Requests and EMS Advices
Service Utilization Report focusing on high volume/spend
Internal and External focus on Refurbished Equipment
What do you need to do....
Peer Review/bench mark
Peer Review the Use of Band 1 Equipment solutions
Discuss and Share alternative funding options
Consult and Robustly discuss:
Access Criteria
Essential Disability Related Need
Cost Effectiveness
Figures and Facts
Band 1 0-15 year pressure areas
Equipment for Daily Living - PSC HSM
Mobility and Positioning
Significant Increase in Band 1 Service Request Volume
40% noted in some areas
0-15 years contributed to 23.7% of Housing expenditure for basic and complex for 2014-2015
Lower Service Request Numbers
Higher Cost Solutions
Consider for today...
Therapist - assess and identify clients needs
EMS Assessor
Access Criteria
Essential Need
Cost Effectiveness
Up Spec 'just in case' 'growth'
Prioritization Tool - AVAILABILITY only
Every Dollar Counts
2015-2016 EMS Budget

"Work differently "
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